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Hair Loss Solutions The Healthy Hair Therapist W311B Sharon’s Total Hair Transformation W232C & W230D HELP! My Client Has NO EDGES! How to SAVE Your Client's Edges Solutions for Women with Total Baldness Te’Mia J. Lofton MONDAY 2:30 - 3:30p Join Te’Mia J. Lofton as she helps you advance your knowledge in traction alopecia. Te’Mia understands the importance of utilizing proper techniques to help you SAVE YOUR CLIENTS EDGES! Protective styles should be just what it’s called “Protective.” Save my edges class will help you determine what textures work well with extensions. Learn the importance of sew in braid patterns, crochet braid patterns that reduce hair loss and thinning edges. Learn how to style hair without compromising the integrity of the hair. Learn how to work with those clients who has become a victim of traction alopecia. Thinning edges is an unfortunate epidemic in our society that results in permanent damage if not properly educated. Sharon Reams SATURDAY 12:30 - 1:30p (W232C) MONDAY 11:30a - 12:30p (W232C) Sharon with show you her technique for women who are suffering from total hair loss due to cancer, alopecia totalis, or any other medical issues that have left them losing their hair. No longer will they have to fight or be embarrassed by store bought wigs that may not fit or might fall off. Once again, they will be able to experience the joy of having a head full of beautiful hair that looks and feels natural with no tracks. This technique will last for 6 to 10 weeks. Learn to work smarter, not harder and have a chance to win a free DVD! The Cover Up SUNDAY 12:30 - 1:30p (W230D) PureO Natural Products Natural Remedies for Hair Loss and Hair Thinning Nicole Gregorie SATURDAY 11:00a - 12:00p SUNDAY 10:00 - 11:00a MONDAY 1:00 - 2:00p W232C Join Nicole for a demonstration and microscopic view introducing you to PureO Natural products to better help your clients with thinning hair. Learn how you can help your clients with the following: • Stop DHT from reaching and destroying hair follicles • Provide essential nutrients and repairs enzymes for hair follicle recovery • Reduce an oily scalp and inflammation • Increase the body’s production of HGH, DHEA, hair growth factors and follicular-regenerating enzymes • Improve blood circulation to the scalp • Expel stress hormones and metabolites • Increase silica absorption, a necessary nutrient for strengthening hair Hair Loss Solutions by Gigi Truth about Cranial Prosthesis Templates Gloria “Gigi” Ford SATURDAY 2:00 - 3:00p SUNDAY 1:00 - 2:00p MONDAY 2:30 - 3:30p W232C The design of the hair template determines the prosthetic result. The correct design template and the marking placed upon them are critical in order to obtain a perfect aesthetic for clients struggling with alopecia, chemotherapy, burns, etc. Capture the exact measurements of your client’s head shape, curvature and hair loss area in minutes electronically using 3-D scan. Go from 30-60 min to less than 10 using this next generation technology. National Trichology Training Institute The Business of Trichology is Epic Connie Judge SATURDAY 3:30 - 4:30p SUNDAY 11:30a - 12:30p W232B Hair loss is at an all-time high and haircare restoration services is needed in order to save our stands. This class is designed to educate beauty professionals about the financial economic growth in the business of trichology. In addition, beauty professionals will have a greater understanding about the profitability in hair loss restoration services. Professionals will learn the Trichology Haircare methodologies and how to earn over a $100,000 a year in Trichology Therapy Treatments (TTT). Hair Scalp Therapy has been clinically proven to slow down the progression of many different forms of hair loss. Treatment plans ranging from bronze to platinum levels of services. This includes laser therapy, micro scalp therapy, scalp exfoliation, scalp hydration therapy, blood circulation therapy and much more. 62 Designed for clients that have thinning hair in the crown of the head. “The Cover Up” is an amazing technique that is a part of the “No Tracks Series” for clients suffering from different degrees of hair loss. The styling versatilities are endless without the use of braids, glues, clips, links or infusions . Your clients will be able to part the hair anywhere on the head to create different looks everyday with no worries. The thin areas are completely covered and protected with commercial hair (no tracks used) creating a head full of natural looking hair. This technique lasts for 2 to 3 months with proper maintenance. Seeing definitely is believing. Lets change lives together one head at a time. DeShawn Bullard NouriTress Hair Products LLC W232B The Business of Hair Loss SATURDAY 12:30 - 1:30p SUNDAY 4:00 - 5:00p MONDAY 11:30a - 12:30p It’s 2019 and hair loss is the next BIG BUSINESS! Clients experiencing hair loss is at an all-time high and their customers are turning to their salon professionals for help. Level Up your beauty business and get in position to increase your revenue and help your clients. This class will discuss the causes of hair loss, proper consultation, understanding microscopic scalp analysis, the importance of becoming a hair loss specialist, understanding trichology, retailing to hair thinning clients, oxygen scalp therapy and salon menu services required for client hair restoration. Tempus Hair Restoration New Frontiers in Hair Loss W232B Marco N Barusco, SATURDAY 2:00 - 3:00p SUNDAY 1:00 - 2:00p MD Hair stylists are often the first to hear complaints about thinning hair and offer advice to their clients on options to improve their hair. To best counsel clients, they need to understand the various types of hair loss and the various treatment modalities available to treat them. This class will expose stylists and hair industry professionals to what hair loss can look like, from the most common to the rarest, and what can be done for these patients on a medical level. Some of the topics that will be covered are genetic hair loss, other common types of hair loss, when to refer clients for medical evaluations and options to treat hair loss. Platinum Seamless How to Approach Thinning Hair Clients SUNDAY 3:00 - 4:00p MONDAY 3:00 - 4:00p W231C Do you have clients that are experiencing the challenges of thinning hair? In this class, Platinum Seamless will provide customizable solutions! Learn how to approach the conversation and provide the perfect solution, how to disguise attachments in fine, thinning hair with our multiple methods of attachment and create a positive extension experience for your clientele. See page 64 & 69 for additional education by Platinum Seamless