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Community Outreach #BeAwesomeToSomebody Cut It Out W231B Mark Bustos Change the World Through the Art of Compassion Lillie G. Wiggins SATURDAY EVENING SPECIAL EVENT Cut Out Domestic Abuse SATURDAY 11:00a - 12:00p Join 2018’s Inspirational Artist of Year, Mark Bustos on Saturday evening in donating your time and skills to provide FREE haircuts to local foster kids and their families. Through this uplifting opportunity, you will have the ability to inspire and show compassion to the youth of the local community. Use YOUR power to elevate communities and work alongside Mark to change the world, one haircut at a time. For more information or to register visit REGISTER TODAY, space is limited! Domestic abuse has no boundaries, it does not discriminate. It’s massive, yet passive onset has captured some of the most elite. There are no age boundaries either, characteristics are displayed as young as kindergarten. It is time to break the silence. Our first mission is to educate the fashion and beauty industry on how to become front line identifiers of abuse. We all agree the cosmetologist is the unlicensed “Physiologist”. We hear all and, in many cases, see it all. We have educated nearly 1,000 participants to include licensed mental and medical health career service professionals. See pages 50 & 67 for education with Mark Bustos See page 63 for an additional class by Lillie G. Wiggins The Kind Cut W414B & W414C How to Use Hairdressing Skills for Good Sascha Breuer Lucinda Crowe-Layne SATURDAY 11:00a - 12:15p (W414B) SUNDAY 10:00 - 11:00a (W414C) Would you like to know how to use your skills as a hairdresser to help your local homeless community? It is shocking to know that over 549,000 people are currently experiencing homelessness nationwide, and that there are 46,000 homeless people in Los Angeles alone. These statistics were the catalyst for Sascha Breuer, the founder of The Kind Cut, to begin organizing pop- up grooming events in his home town of Los Angeles. Sascha will be speaking about how The Kind Cut movement is helping the home-less and how you can get involved. Hairdressers have a unique ability to help build self esteem and confidence. The simple act of providing a haircut, shave or beard trim provides much needed human connection. Third-generation Hair stylist Sascha Breuer, founder of The Kind Cut, has spent the last 25 years as a traveling stylist and educator - often living out of a suitcase, his work driving him from salon to main stage to red carpet. The son of two hairdressers, his early education equipped him with a unique perspective and the intuition of a seasoned stylist. At a young age, Sascha moved from his native Germany to London to develop his skills. His passion blossomed into a global career working alongside world-renowned photographers including Rankin, Peter Linbergh, Ben Hassett, and Simon Emmet for Vogue, Numéro, Vanity Fair, and Harper’s Bazaar. Sascha consults with global beauty brands and his clients include Anne Hathaway, Hilary Swank, Keira Knightley, Zooey Deschanel, Debby Ryan, Naomi Campbell, and Victoria Ingrid Alice Désirée, Crown Princess of Sweden. Awaken Your Beautiful W224H The Opioid Epidemic: How to React and Help SATURDAY 3:30 - 4:30p MONDAY 10:00 - 11:00a Opioid abuse touches so many people, directly and indirectly, that you need to know what to do and what to say because our clients tell us everything! You’ll learn how to react, how to suggest sources of information and qualified help and how to be supportive without getting directly involved. You can help bring about change and maybe save the life of someone facing the horrible effects of this addiction while taking care of yourself as a beauty professional. Awaken Your Beautiful is a new online state-approved continuing education service for cosmetologist, estheticians and nail specialists. Reach Out Dave Diggs Barber Academy Vice Cutter W230B SATURDAY 3:30 - 4:30p Join #BeastModeBarber, Vice Cutter (@vicecutter) to learn how you can reach your community. In this class, Vice will go over different ways that she and the rest of the Dave Diggs Barber Academy give back to their communities to help you spark ideas on ways you can become stronger beckons in your community as well. Also, learn how you can also partner with other community leaders to increase your reach and touch more lives. Feel free to bring ideas and questions to bounce off her and the rest of the attendees in the class. This class is geared to be uplifting and improve self- inspiration with your talent and craft. See pages 51 & 75 for additional classes by Dave Diggs Barber Academy Download Our App Premiere In Your Pocket & , 2019 June 1-3 Days Education June 1-3 Open Exhibit Floor June 2-3 e photo: s ® Balayag Sunlight n ucatio the ed need you eed to succ • Easy to use education schedule • Exhibit fl oor map at your fi ngertips • Find your favorite companies and products TM 2018 NAHA Keasling Hair by Danielle Finalist Available in May Register @ 49