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Workshops Sunlights ® Balayage W209C CoCre8 Creative Edge French Cutting! w/ Candy Shaw Cre8tive Corrections - "The Art of Painting, Foilayage, Candy Shaw Christopher Dove John Simpson MONDAY 9:00a - 12:30p Price: $275 Ever wanted to do a haircut in 7 minutes? Well come Learn the French Way, the Right Way in this intro to French Cutting Course! Candy Shaw has been teaching her ‘Americanized’ version of this revolutionary cutting system since the early 90s in her Atlanta based Advanced Academy. In her system, you will learn to stand the client up to cut your basic outline, build layering from the top of the head down, and cut everything on top of the finger for efficient cutting. French Cutting is much faster than the traditional British technique, and creates soft, feminine shapes and commercial looks. Your guests will see and feel the difference! Techniques covered: Méche a Méche, Exterior, Reverse Exterior, Interior, Diving, Dry Texturizing, and so much more!- Smudges & Transitions" SUNDAY 3:00 - 6:00p Prices: $230 On or Before May 31 | $275 Day of Show Corrective hair color is approximately 85% of the salon guests we see in our salons daily. Not all require a complete “fix”, however most require a creative corrective adjustment. Through precision formulation and simplicity of design in your hair color, have a better understanding of how to conquer the hair color obstacles versus camouflage them using craved “Trend Relevant” methods. Place your signature on the Hair Color situations we face everyday in the language of color... Every Color! This program is brand neutral in content. Skill Level: Any Skill Level: Any Your Investment Includes: • Diploma • Mannequin (yours to keep!) • Education handout • Jamison Shaw Academy ‘swag bag’ • Entry for a FREE ‘Shadow Day’ with Candy Shaw in her Atlanta, GA salon* Your Investment Includes: • Certificate of Completion • Worksheets • Head sheets • Mannequin Head The Art of Razor Cutting & Color Movement What Do You Need to Bring: • Straight Cutting Shear MONDAY 9:30a - 12:30p Prices: $200 On or Before May 31 | $250 Day of Show Painting Balayage 2.0 w/ Candy Shaw MONDAY 1:00 - 4:00p Price: $229 The Sunlights Balayage Team is back in 2019 with fresh balayage tips, tricks, tools, and techniques! This intensive hands-on workshop is geared towards that painter looking to refine and expand their balayage skills. Whether you’ve taken a class with us before or simply just wanting to take a walk on the Sunny side, this course will help you learn the fundamental aspects of proper consistency, brush stroke and saturation, leaving you confident to convert all of your foil clients over to balayage! The paintbrush will help you Reawaken Hair’s Natural brilliance, and this course will certainly show you how. Techniques covered: Color Melting, Balayage™, Skimming, Backfold, Pancake, Foil Conversion, Minking™, Riding the Ridge, and so much more! Join CoCre8 as we take you through a journey of how hair cuts, hair colors and hair styles translate TREND. Learn modern geometric layering, diffused layering and how hair colors take traditional foil placement and hair painting to a new multidimensional level of light play. Make inspiration income behind the chair. These techniques will take every level of stylist into a new thought of creativity. This program is designed to create a full look hair cut and hair color hands on workshop. Skill Level: Any Your Investment Includes: • Certificate of Completion • Worksheets • Head sheets • Mannequin Head Skill Level: Any Your Investment Includes: • Diploma • Mannequin (yours to keep!) • Education handout • Sunlights ‘swag bag’ • Entry for a FREE ‘Shadow Day’ with Candy Shaw in her Atlanta, GA salon* *Each student registered for class will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a FREE ‘Shadow Day’ with Candy Shaw in her 50 chair salon in Atlanta, GA. Details for the drawing will be discussed in the class. Eleanor Arenas What You Need to Bring: • Shears • Texturizing Shears • Feather Razor (NOT texturizing blade) • Clips, Paddle Brush/Wet Brush • Medium Round Brush • Foiling Comb • Gloves • Spray Water Bottle • Cutting Comb • Apron - optional ! Cinderella Hair Extensions NEW W230D 1-Day/8 Hour 6 METHOD CERTIFICATION CLASS SATURDAY 11:00a - 7:00p Price: $350 Our hands-on workshop will expose you to six hair extension application methods. Classic Bond hair extensions are the most popular hair extension application method. I-Hair, Flat Tip I-Hair, T-Hair, Cinderella Hair Strips and Cinderella Veil are all reusable extensions secured in place with our I-Links. Classic, I-Hair and Flat Tip I-Hair are single strand application methods. T-Hair is designed so your client’s hair is “sandwiched” between 2 reusable 1 ½” wide sections and secured in place with our T-Hair Sealer. Cinderella Hair Strips are designed to provide volume and length in about an hour or less. Cinderella Hair Veil is secured to a very thin 30” wide polyurethane base giving you the flexibility to customize sizing from nape up to the crown of the head. ALL ATTENDEE’S WILL RECEIVE A $175.00 CINDERELLA HAIR ACCOUNT CREDIT. Your Investment Includes: A total value of $810.00 • Starter Kit • Certification • Technical Training Manual • Mannequin Head • Training Hair: T-Hair, I-Hair & Cinderella Hair Strips 68 What You Need to Bring: • Tail Comb • Foiling Comb • Clips • Paddle Brush/Wet Brush • Color Board(s) - optional • Extra Gloves • Apron - optional To Register visit or call 800-335-7469 What You Need to Bring: • Round brush • 5 metal duck bill clips • 5 butterfly clamps • Old shears, to cut T-Hair tape • Styling & cutting comb • Blending / texturizing shears • Optional: Flat iron