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Mark Lees Skin Care, Inc Footlogix – Where Medi meets Pedi featuring Dr. Mark Lees & Kyle Mull, L.E. featuring Vicki Malo Acne Management & Extraction Sat 1:00 - 2:30p Room W304B Acne-problem skin and clogged pores affect many clients in the skin care practice. Join Dr. Mark Lees as he explains the causes and techniques for effective treatment of acne-prone and congested skin. Kyle Mull will perform an extraction treatment showing proper use of electrical equipment, pore-softening and desincrustation techniques. Learn all the tips about properly preparing the skin to make extraction easier on you and your client! Are you maximizing your profits from each pedicure service? Learn what you need to know about a diverse and changing pedicure clientele in order to set yourself and your pedicure business apart from others. Listen to Vicki as she explains how Footlogix can boost the success of your business. Find out why so many prestigious spas and salons are making the switch to Footlogix and see how to reach your potential by educating yourself and becoming the best technician you can be. Acne Blunders Sun 9:30 - 10:30a See page 39 for additional classes by Footlogix – Where Medi meets Pedi Room W304B Do you see a lot of clients with chronic breakouts and acne-prone skin? Do you ever have difficulty getting their skin clear and keeping it clear? In this special class, Dr. Lees and Kyle Mull will share frequent oversights in acne treatment that can make or break clearance success. See actual case studies and learn the important factors to constantly keep in mind when treating acne and problem skin. 46 A Step Ahead... Making the Most of Your Pedicure Service Sat 3:00 - 4:00p & Mon 12:30 - 1:45p Room W306B Real World Results: Performance Ingredients for Aging that Deliver! Mon 9:30 - 10:30a Room W304B How many of your aging clients want REAL results for their skin? Known for their user-friendly classes, Dr. Lees & Kyle Mull present useful take-home knowledge and show you how to combine performance ingredient “actives” for amazing results for aging skin and sun damage! Learn all about the latest ingredients: firming and anti-wrinkle peptides, collagen stimulants, ceramides, alpha hydroxy acids, sunscreens, and the newest anti- aging treatments using ingredients like resveratrol and anti-glycation ingredients. See dozens of Dr. Lees’ actual case studies with real-world results without injections, laser or surgery! Mark Lees, Ph.D., M.S. is an award-winning speaker, clinical skin therapist, and product developer of Mark Lees Skin Care products, specializing in acne, sensitive, and aging skin, and author of Skin Care: Beyond the Basics, the Skin Care Answer Book, and his latest, Clearing Concepts: A Guide to Acne Treatment. Mr. Kyle Mull brings his 17 years of body and skin therapy experience into the classroom to develop current and future skin therapists. Kyle has extensive experience as a school director, and is currently Director of Education and Professional Development for Mark Lees Skin Care. Martinni Beauty, Inc. featuring Cha Smith Learn How to Earn Big $$$ Removing Skin Imperfections Sun 2:15 - 3:30p Room W306B Learn how to add a lucrative new service to your spa, salon or med-spa to satisfy your clients’ requests to remove all types of skin imperfections. This class will teach you how to use an easy to operate technology to permanently remove ruby points, skin tags, age spots, sun spots, freckles, cholesterol deposits, calcium bumps, broken capillaries, pore packets, thick hair and more in just one treatment. Live hands-on demonstration will be given. Bamboo-Fusion ® featuring Nathalie Cecilia Anti-Cellulite Treatment with Bamboo-Fusion ® Technique Sun 4:00 - 5:15p Room W306B American Biotech Labs featuring Dr. Sally Byrd Using Silver in Your Spa Sat 11:00a - 12:30p & Sun 4:00 - 5:15p Room W304B Come watch as Dr. Sally Byrd takes you through the benefits of using the unique characteristics of silver to increase the efficacy of many of your spa treatments. This is a must see class for anyone who has the desire to increase the effectiveness of their spa treatments. Nathalie Cecilia will demonstrate a non surgical and non mechanical approach to reduce the appearance of cellulite with Bamboo-Fusion ® technique.Using warmed bamboo sticks of different sizes and shapes with the professional Anti-cellulite creme from Bon Vital’ ® Nathalie will show you how you can reduce the effect of orange skin with a natural technique. Go Green!!! See page 59 for additional classes by Bamboo-Fusion ® Register by April 21 & Save $15 Off Day of Show Price