Premiere Orlando Show Preview 2018 - Page 51

The MLD Institute Int'l featuring Ben Dvir featuring Elisa DiFalco Room W306B Sisloy will be introducing in the ever changing business of anti-aging the newest technology for non- surgical facial treatments, and the advantages of using fractional infrared light therapy and deep thermal heating. With 6 years of experience under his belt Dvir continues to pursue his passion of innovation in the aesthetic industry by working close with scientists and professional of the field and by educating others. DermAware ® Bio-Targeted Skin Care Room W304F In June of 2015 Researchers at the University of Virginia discovered the Fountain of Youth within - lymph vessels in the brain! They now understand the delicate plumbing system responsible for eradicating cellular debris that’s underlying diseases like Alzheimers. MLD transports healthy lymphocytes essential for tissue maintenance and repair for the ultimate all natural anti-aging benefits. Understand how lymph flows and MLD accelerate toxin removal while accelerating tissue repair for healthy skin and a healthy brain. Come find out why the MLD Institute Int’l was invited to the Red Carpet of Hollywood and bring this modality to the menu of services for all the A-listers in your life. See page 59 for an additional class by The MLD Institute Int’l featuring Dr. Robert M. Zone & Gül Ç Zone The Peel Experts: Peel Chemistry & Combining Peels Sat 11:00a - 12:30p Boca Lymphlift of the Face: Release the Fountain of Youth Within! Mon 2:15 - 3:15p Nature Pure Clinical Skin Care Room W304F For Age, Acne, Pigment with Other Modalities. Customers are looking for advanced results with minimum downtime and safe results. Understand the chemistry of peels, choosing the best peel from our selection of over 30 peels including acids, vitamins, stem cells and peptides. Learn how to combine peels with microneedling, dermaplaning, LED and other modalities safely and effectively. Increase sales and client retention with progressive professional treatments and home care follow-up. Suita H܈Y[\˜Y[Yٙ\[ۘ[[ZKSSΈ]PY[ XZ]H[]\YX]H[H[\Y[H^B][ˈ][\ \\X\H\YX]KܜX]HY[[0۸&]H[]]H HY[][ۜ”] N  H BH ܈YY[ XۙKYKXXH []]H[[]]]K[[[X][ۋ[[[X]ܞB\\YY[][ۋXۙZX[[[X][ۋY\XXH[ZY][ۈ\HۈH\H[HY[œ[[][ۋ[Y][[[X]\H[\Hۘ\\H[[[\Y[XۙH[YY[۝\[ X\\Z^H[\X]Y[܈HY\[]\\و[]]]K[HܜXY[[Y[X[[XZH[HY\[H[X^[Z^[\[˜[]Z[[[\\Y\ۙ\KY[YXۛYKXX[][ۜ[X\][YX\›XZH\^[[܈[][ˈSSΈ]Y[][ۜˈXZ]H[]\YX]K[B[\Y[H^H][˂][]\^H\\ [\[H[^H\P]\HY[[H\\ˈ]\H\[[][\ \\X\H\YX]KYHYH H܈[Y][ۘ[\H\P]\H0[U\]Y[\BX]\[XܚXHXZKPB]\HYXوY[]\HۈH[ L H]\[B[ۈ LN H H L BH \[X]\\]][[\[[X[[\][\X[X[\]H[Y[ˈX\BXܙ]و]\[H]\HH\ˈ\ XK\\X]Y[KYYX]\[[X˜H[ܙH[][]K]\[\[[YYXHYKYYZ[^X[ۜوX[HBX]\[[[H[X[\[H\\Hو\ܙ[X[XX]\\ZXܛ[YY[™[[[Y[ [[ۈ]H[[ۜ][ۈBYHYH H܈[Y][ۘ[\H]\H\HX”[]\\\BX]\[X]\\][ \\HHYۜوY[]\[Y[H[[Y[[Z[Y[“[ۈ L H N \BBBBBBH BY[H[[Y[\H\[ X[YZ[[\ۛY[[[[][ۋHY[BY[[[[X[ۈ[][\XHYۜوY[ˈX\X]Y[\[]Y[HZ[Y[[Z^HX\\\YۙYݚYH[[YYX]H\[]ۋB[YK[\][Y\[XZ]HHQH[ \^HXY[\YX]Hو][[KYHYH H܈Y][ۘ[\\H[]\\\BY\\[ZY\[ܛ[˘^8([ZY\Y^\K^[KPY[XB[ۈ LN H H L B\BL