Premiere Orlando Show Preview 2018 - Page 49

AesthetiDerm Edgar Renee Aesthetic Education & Consulting Group featuring Dr. Ayyaz M. Shah, D.O. featuring Cynthia Malcom Room W304E It is often stated that “you are what you eat”. This phrase is so often stated, yet not implemented by many. In this presentation, we will review how nutrition may be linked to healthy and glowing skin. As the skin is often a reflection of our state of inner health, nutritional modifications play a big role in overall health and skin health. We will discuss which particular foods, vitamins and minerals may offer benefits for skin health. Upon the conclusion of the class, the skin specialist will be more prepared and better understand the role of nutrition and supplements in skin health restoration. See pages 50 & 90 for additional classes and a Hands-On Workshop by AesthetiDerm Nature Pure Clinical Skin Care Room W304E In this class we will talk about natural and holistic ways to treat skin issues. Learn Ayurvedic, global and ancient skin care treatments. After this lecture you will have developed a better understand of the value of natural versus synthetic skin care. See pages 44 & 91 for additional classes and a Hands-On Workshop by Edgar Renee Aesthetic Education & Consulting Group International Institute of Reflexology featuring Victoria Tabak, LE, MBA Clear and Prevent Acne Holistically Sun 11:00a - 12:00p How to Heal and Treat Skin Sun 12:30 - 1:30p Skin and Nutrition Sat 3:00 - 4:15p featuring James Pedersen Room W304B A natural clinical approach to treating the root cause of all stages of acne especially the hormone related kind. Achieve unparalleled results utilizing the exclusive patented technology of the Soy Doctor ® system, which also combines the potent action of other traditional herbs and modern day advanced bioactives. A step-by-step procedure that gently and non-invasively rebalances your client’s skin and offers a true remedy against acne triggers and all accompanying symptoms. Hands-on live demonstration! Victoria Tabak, published beauty expert, licensed esthetician, and president of Nature Pure Labs, has over 19 years of experience in the beauty industry along with a Master’s Degree in Business. She has taught about emerging skin care breakthroughs and has inspired growth and success of spa owners across the country. The Art of Foot and Hand Reflexology Sat 1:00 - 2:30p Room W304A Do you want to learn how to substantially increase your business? Don’t miss this outstanding introduction of the Ingham Method ® of Reflexology, the one that works. James, one of the leading authorities on reflexology, will present a demonstration of the basic techniques to help your clients to better health. Learn the history of reflexology and how to perform the Ingham Method ® on all the systems in the body such as the endocrine, lymphatic and the nervous systems and to help health conditions in a natural way. See page 59 for additional classes by International Institute of Reflexology SHARE YOUR STORY WITH PREMIERE! Mindful Minerals featuring Melissa Sweiss How Toxic is Your Skin Care? Sun 9:00a - 6:30p & Mon 9:00 - 5:00p Exhibit Floor Come enjoy a game changing facial! In under 10 minutes, experience the power of nature’s spa with a powerful detox mud mask, peel and heal mineral infusion toner & collagen building peptide, and leave with a professionals model’s finish with Mindful’s 10 in 1 BBC Cream. Find out how the chemicals in your personal care products may be adversely affecting your health. Learn about the dirty dozen and how eliminating the worst of these common chemicals in your daily personal care routine can be easily be achieved. All participants receive a free mindful gift! PremiereDAYSPA See page 51 for an additional class by Nature Pure Labs 49