Premiere Orlando Show Preview 2016 - Page 8

Chrystofer Benson Lenny Strand Strobing Techniques with the New Shades of Matrix Strobing is the latest global trend for color. Learn from the color experts! Location • Room W224A - F Join Chrystofer Benson & Lenny Strand as they take you through the newest concept for hair coloring – Strobing. All about coloring to enhance, minimize and customize! Lori Zabel Join the REDKEN Haircolor Team as they share their passion for communicating all things COLOR. Justin Isaac shares his inspiration for REDKEN’s latest color trend. Lori Zabel will expand your knowledge and impart insights on the foundations of formulations, utilizing our newest products. Experience the creativity of color placement and innovative technique with George Garcia. Reignite your inner colorist, as you learn trends, tips and tricks from the #1 US color brand, REDKEN. Sun 11:40a - 12:20p Mon 11:40a - 12:20p David Velasco Leah Freeman Adrienne Rogers George Garcia Color Inspiration & Insights! Sun 2:10 - 2:50p Mon 10:50 - 11:30a Advanced Haircolor Theory & Techniques photo: CHRYSTOFER BENSON COLLECTIVE - CBC Justin Isaac Feel the VIBES: Color Outside the Lines David helps de-mystify haircolor and how it works, incorporating elements from his books, Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Expert. Adrienne will share great haircolor techniques from Product Club’s new collection. Blueprint Highlighting uses the concept of a blueprint to visually present highlighting techniques. Each blueprint starts with a “core concept” to act as a foundation for the overall design. Once you’ve mastered the techniques, you can then build from them to make them your very own. L’ANZA Global Healing Color Director Leah Freeman invites you to explore the dazzling world of High-Impact Haircolor, with VIBES. Sun 3:50 - 4:30p Mon 2:10 - 2:50p Sun 10:50 - 11:30a Mon 1:20 - 2:00p Explore the versatility and creative potential of pop color through simple, on-trend application techniques. Get quick and efficient tips on crafting wearable designs you can take back to your clients.