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James Wealthy Systems Featuring James Wealthy & GMA Grads Sat 1:00 - 5:00p • Room W304F Mastering Facial Threading and Eyelashes This hands-on workshop will show you how to create and customize a flawless eyebrow design and how to naturally apply beautiful eyelashes to any face! Learn how to apply individual 100% natural hair Wealthy Lashes Workshop Prices in minutes using the Wealthy $245 On or before June 3 Keratin special formulated tear-free $260 Day of Show adhesive. Learn step-by-step how to hold, loop and run the thread, What is included? remove hair using the hand, neck, • Spool of Wealthy Gold thread mouth and self threading methods, • Wealthy system remove unwanted facial hair from eyebrow menu the eyebrows, lip and chin areas and • Wealthy marketing e-book apply Wealthy 100% Natural Hair • Free Wealthy Individual Eyelashes. Increase your Systems membership annual earning potential by 70%. • Certificate of completion • All workshop tools will be For technical questions regarding supplied for the class this Hands-On Workshop, please contact James Wealthy What do I need to bring? Systems at 309-838-7098 • Pen, paper and open mind to learn new skills Limited to the first 40 people. EYEBROW EXTENSIONS THREADING & LASHES Seating is limited! To sign up for workshops you are required to have a Show Pass. Visit or call 800-335-7469. EBJ Luxury Lash & Brow Bar Featuring Erica Drayton Sat 11:00a - 3:00p • Room W307C How to Create Fuller Eyebrows by Applying Strand by Strand Eyebrow Extensions No online training, no short cuts! Get hands-on, get certified! In this hands-on class, Erica teaches you how to transform sparse eyebrows into fuller natural looking brows. This new innovative technique of applying strand by strand eyebrow extensions will take client’s confidence to a higher level. Learn different methods of applying eyebrow extensions, how to fill in gaps, how to go with the natural brow shape and brow maintenance. Increase your revenue & throw the perfect brow party! For technical questions regarding this Hands-On Workshop, please contact EBJ Luxury Lash and Brow Bar at 904-474-2EBJ. Workshop Prices $399 On or Before June 3 $425 Day of Show What is included? • 1 brow adhesive • 3m tape • 1 guide pencil • 2 cases of brow extensions • 2 curved tweezers • 1 brow shear • mascara wands • glue rings • Certification certificate What do I need to bring? • Pen and paper Threading & Glamour Featuring Ija Gabriel Sun & Mon 2:00 - 4:00p • Room W305B Threading and Tinting 101 Join Ija to learn more about the unique ancient threading technique. Participants will learn how to manipulate cotton thread to remove any undesirable facial hair. This class will also cover the basics of brow tinting. Workshop Prices $125 On or Before June 3 $150 Day of Show Objective: • Brief history of threading origins • Benefits of threading • Hands-on step-by-step training of threading technique • How threading can increase salon revenue What is included? • Take home kit • Handouts • Certificate of completion • All supplies will be provided for each participant For technical questions regarding this Hands-On Workshop, please contact Treading and Glamour at 225-205-1649. What do I need to bring? • Pen and paper Limited to the first 24 people. LASHES & BROWS THREADING Limited to the first 12 people. LaShae Brow Lash Products Featuring D.L Mosley Mon 10:00a - 12:00p • Room W207B Be Exclusive... Be Efficient... Be the Best! With 17 solid years of overall experience, D.L Mosley has a keen understanding and aesthetic ability to not only know what it takes to execute precise brow and lash applications, but he has proven to know all about the brow and lash business with his seamless ability to up-sell the client with services. He also has the knowledge of growing and enhancing the business. Workshop Prices $175 On or Before June 3 $200 Day of Show In this workshop, you will learn • D.L’s 8 minute individual a set per flare lash application • Hi-definition brow shaping • 3-phase brow tinting What do I need to bring? • Model • Pen and paper What is included? • Lash Brow Kit ($125 value) • Certificate of completion For technical questions regarding this Hands-On Workshop, please contact LaShae Brow Lash Products at Limited to the first 20 people. | 63