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Global Texture Twist & Curves E. Hosea Education Sat 4:00 - 5:15p • Room W310A Loc Styling Sat 2:30 - 3:30p • Room W310B Mon 11:00a - 12:15p • Room W310B Sun 11:00a - 12:15p • Room W309B Join Hosea Hicks for a creative and modern approach to turbo blonding using nano driven technology and techniques. In this look, listen and learn class, be introduced to additional ways to “use your tools” in the blonding process along with using them to smooth and style. Using a work smarter and time maximizing way to build the big ticket using two in demand salon services, blondes and blowouts will create a steady stream of salon traffic in your salon. Featuring Maria Thompson Who said locs could not be styled and were not versatile enough? Knowing how to groom locs is one thing, but knowing how to style them is another. Allow Maria to show you four basic styling techniques that will allow you to challenge your creative flow and distinguish yourself from other stylists. Create one style, with many looks that will take your client from day to evening, making them the envy of the town! Starting and Maintaining Locs In this class, your concerns as to how long it takes to loc your hair; the best way to start locs; can beeswax be used; the best product to use on locs; how often to wash them and starting locs from a relaxer, will be addressed. Mon 11:00a - 12:15p • Room W309B Quick Styles and Correct Product Use for Natural Hair More and more women are transitioning from chemically treated hair to sporting their naturally curly, textured hair. Are you turning away or losing clients? You will learn how to transition, retain your clients, correct products to use, protective styling options during the transition phase and basic styles for curly, textured hair. Next Level Concepts Featuring Denise Michelle Sat 3:00 - 4:30p • Room W309B Sun 12:45 - 2:00p • Room W310A Rock the Cut, Ride the Wave The Revolution is here! Our ROCK cutting concepts have impacted and taken over the art of haircutting! In addition to this core cutting foundation we have taken it to the next level of soft molding and styling out! Learn how to prepare your cut for textured styling with our #Freedomhair Concept. During this class, not only will we revisit the concept of ROCK Cutting, but also demonstrate the creative side of wet hair molding, placement and sculpting for the total ROCK cutting LIVE Technique. Blonde, Blow and Smooth Sun 11:00a - 12:15p • Room W310B Radiate Your Kut Join Hosea Hicks of E.Hosea Education a for a look, learn and listen kutting klass fueled with effective techniques designed for all kutting personalities. Learn how to use your blades to bend the laws of kutting using kreative kutting techniques. If you can visualize your kut then you can radiate your kut. Leave this class with a true understanding of how to effectively use radiated kutting in constructing the kut. Naitcole Michele International Featuring Naitcole Michele Sat 12:45 - 2:00p • Room W309A The Art and Science of Networking Do you aspire to gain a certain clientele or maybe earn a better income? Have you ever heard the phrase, “You are the company that you keep”? There is an art and science to networking. This class shares the secrets of attracting what you want, learn the effects of being mentored or coached by industry pioneers and most of all the importance of building worthy relationships! Mon 2:15 - 3:30p • Room W310A Sun 12:45 - 2:00p • Room W309B This series will explore classic bobs by extending an advance illusion through creative use of low and aggressive texture. Bob lines are typically weighted with heavy contouring. The DM CLASSIC Series will build on this concept while giving you a higher quality of this trend, however challenging you to keep moderate weigh and build with Freedom! Weightless, classic bobs are the new movement! We motivate you beyond the boundaries of hairdressing, often extreme but all to inspire! #hairthatmoves #freedomhair #weightlessconcepts Learn the newest and most innovative ways to create a speed cut bob! Pinch Cut with a purpose. Naitcole Michele will demonstrate several of her awe-inspiring bob haircuts that will take the fear away from cutting, lack of balance and bring seamless movement to each haircut. DM Bob Series See page 58 for a Hands-On Workshop by Next Level Concepts 40 Featuring Hosea Hicks Pinch Perfect Hair Cutting Mon 12:45 - 2:00p • Room W309B In-FORME-ation Preview Let’s become in-FORMEd. Come and learn about the internationally known produc