Premiere Orlando & Premiere DAYSPA Day of Show 2019 - Page 32

m m fro oo n r R Lea Taylor Rae Neal Malek Melody Larissa Timbo Mack Candy Shaw BALAYAGE BRILLIANCE! Feeling confused by all the different ‘hair painting’ techniques out there? Let us help you simplify balayage in a way that allows you to implement our system day one! Sunlights Balayage was built off the core foundation of a grassroots, easy to understand curriculum created by Candy Shaw, aka the Balay Lama. Candy will help you grasp the key fundamentals of the perfect balayage: Consistency, Brush Stroke, and Saturation. This class will have you ready to Paint Your Way to Financial Freedom™! SUNDAY 2:10 - 2:50p EMPOWERED BY PRAVANA Everything you want and need to know about PRAVANA, demonstrated by some of our top Artistic Educators and Collective members. We will show you how to become EMPOWERED BY PRAVANA. SUNDAY 1:20 - 2:00p Rocco Sam LaBella COLOR REIMAGINED Justin Isaac Lori Zabel Rebecca Taylor Cassandra McGlaughlin THE REDKEN EXCHANGE...HAIRCOLOR! 32 Robertina Martinez The Aloxxi Artistic Team takes the stage to present “Color Reimagined”. Sharing tips, tricks and tools to successfully approach the most sought after color services clients are demanding today, join them as they dive into everything color from color blocking to foliage, smudging and balayage. Express color techniques will also be shared for on the go clients who want color services on demand but are limited on time! See this diverse team curate the best of what’s trending in fashion, social media, music and culture. Learn how to translate it into the salon world! Open you doors to a new generation of color clients and create the trends everyone is talking about! SUNDAY 3:50 - 4:30p MONDAY 10:50 - 11:30a Tommy Cole SUNDAY 4:40 - 5:20p