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Register Today — space is limited. Rose Skin Care Products W240C Évalash Beauty Johanne Clement Dermaplaning Training SATURDAY 11:00a - 2:00p Price: $275 This hands-on workshop will cover indications, precautions and contra-indications, a step by step peel application process, as well as choice of surgical blade for dermaplaning. You will receive a take home kit which includes a handle, 20 scalpel blades (#10 and #14), blade remover, a handbook as well as client forms. A consent, release and waiver of liability will have to be signed before beginning. Attendees will work on their legs and knees for the purpose of the training. Advance hands-on workshop. The certificate of attendance will be emailed to the attendees. Skill Level: Intermediate (1-3 yrs experience) Your Investment Includes: • Certificate of Completion • Take-Home Kit • Study Guide What You Need to Bring: • Pen & Paper or iPad /Tablet to take notes Stefani Carol Makeup Academy W240C Stefani Carol HD Bridal MONDAY 9:00a - 12:00p Price: $249 Learn the art of High Definition Bridal Makeup in this hands-on workshop with Stefani Carol, Owner of the Stefani Carol Makeup Academy. This exciting class is ideal for any artist looking to enhance their skills for bridal makeup and makeup for camera settings. Students will learn how to create a luxurious experience for their clients as well as, product knowledge, color correcting, shadows and light, long-lasting applications, and flash friendly finishes. Stefani will be sharing her secrets to wedding success including her infamous techniques for waterproof and sweat resistant applications! Skill Level: Any Your Investment Includes: • Certificate of Completion • Disposable Applicator & Sanitizer • RCMA No Color Powder • Brush Essential Set • Mixing Tray and Spatula • Face Chart, Kit List, Literature What You Need to Bring: • Live Model - Model must be at least 16 years of age, Photo ID required. (If attendee is unable to bring a model, they may use the face chart provided) • Makeup Kit W240C Quyen Nguyen Create Mega Volume 2D-6D Lashes SATURDAY 3:00 - 6:00p Price: $320 Come learn how to perform individual volume lash using 2D-6D lashes. In this hands-on workshop, Quyen will teach you: how to customize different looks to the eye shapes, how to speed up volume lash services to 1.5 hours, by using the dimension layering technique, how to make mega-volume fans using her signature technique, how to incorporate pre-made volume fans and trouble shooting and the the advantages of volume lash. It’s time to take yourself to the next level and if you’re a beginner, don’t worry the online video training that is included with your registration will help you feel even more confident to start booking your appointments on Tuesday! Skill Level: Introductory (0-1 of yr of experience) - Intermediate (1-3 years of experience) Your Investment Includes: • Certificate of Completion • Mannequin • Ultrabond Adhesive • Mink Lash Mix Tray • 2 Volume Tweezers • Practice Lash & Glue Ring • Online Video Course What Do You Need to Bring: • Pen & Paper or iPad/Tablet to take notes • Magnifying glass or glasses - if needed Ija Gabriel Threading Salon Ija Gabriel Threading 101 W240D SATURDAY 3:00 - 6:00p Price: $175 Join our class and learn the rare threading technique that is taking eyebrow grooming to the next level. Threading 101 is a step by step, hands-on educational class for professionals who are aspiring to learn the unique threading technique all while increasing their revenue. Upgrade your salon hair removal services with the threading technique by signing up today! Skill Level: Introductory (0-1 yr of experience) Your Investment Includes: • Certificate of Completion • Mannequin • Threading Kit • Tote Bag • Workshop Booklet What You Need to Bring: • Pen & Paper or iPad /Tablet to take notes 133