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Workshops Make Up For Ever Academy Eddie D W240D Bridal Makeup Hands-On Workshop SATURDAY 11:00a - 2:00p Price: $275 In this hands-on workshop reviews Make Up For Ever’s fundamental techniques for perfecting skin, eyes, lips, brows and lash application for bridal clients. Attendees will also learn all the tips and tricks about long lasting makeup with high contrast effects and a natural skin finish. Disponible para responder preguntas en español. Disponível para responder a perguntas em português. Skill Level: Intermediate (1-3 yrs experience) Your Investment Includes: • Certificate of Completion • Bridal Essentials Kit • Educational Tools Handout • Face chart What You Need to Bring: • Live Model - Model must be at least 16 years of age, Photo ID required. Edgar Renee Aesthetic Education W240C Cynthia Malcom Acne Specialist MONDAY 1:00 - 4:00p Price: $250 The cause of acne is not oil and bacteria- this is a symptom. Join us for acne specialist to learn a step by step process of how to heal and treat acne clients correctly. You will become trained to recognize different degrees of acne and know when to treat the client and when to refer to a physician. We will discuss different techniques like High Frequency, Desincrustation, Cryotherapy, Thermotherapy, Natural Modalities, Chemical Peeling and, Dermabrasion Techniques. We will discuss order of techniques. The professional will learn how and when to correctly extract with and without tools. Skill Level: Any Your Investment Includes: • Certificate of Completion • Lancets • Extract Kit • Sharps Container • Treatment Protocol & Medical Release Forms What You Need to Bring: • Live Model - Model must be at least 16 years of age, Photo ID required. (Attendee may bring a mannequin with stand/tripod if unable to provide a live model) • Pen & Paper or iPad /Tablet to take notes AesthetiDerm SUNDAY 2:00 - 5:00p Price: $350 Hyper-pigmentation of the skin is the most common condition seen by estheticians worldwide, with millions of clients seek treatment to whiten/ lighten/brighten their skin. There have been many treatments proposed to treat the hyper-pigmentation, however many provide unsatisfactory results leaving the client and the skin care professional disappointed. In this workshop, Dr. Ayyaz Shah will walk you through performing a Glutathione based chemical peel on your live model. During the workshop, Dr. Shah will also cover what is needed in order to obtain successful outcomes and review questions such as: • Causes and types of hyper-pigmentation- Consultative vs. Facultative (UV exposure, drugs/medications, acne, etc.) • Which vitamins and antioxidants may be useful in treating hyper- pigmentation? • Which minerals are crucial to help lighten the skin? • Which chemical peels are helpful in hyper-pigmentation depending upon the Fitzpatrick skin type Do not miss this incredible opportunity to learn on a topic which is notoriously difficult to understand and treat. Upon conclusion of this class, one should be able to offer treatments according to the potential underlying cause of hyper-pigmentation. Skill Level: Advanced (3-5 yrs of experience) - Master (5+ yrs of experience) The service covered in this workshop can be performed in a spa/salon environment by licensed esthetician or certified skin specialist . Your Investment Includes: • Certificate of Completion • Workshop Outline • Chemical Peel Kit ($150 value) What You Need to Bring: • Live Model - Model must be at least 16 years of age old, Photo ID required. • Pen & Paper or iPad /Tablet to take notes Clear Choice/ Prana SpaCeuticals NEW ! ROOM W231A Kristina Cuevas From Full Body to Intimate Areas - Brightening Peel System SATURDAY 11:00a - 2:00p - NEW DAY & TIME! Price: $175 The desire for an even-toned intimate area has been growing in popularity and becoming more mainstream as waxing and laser hair removal uncover areas that appear darker than the rest of the body. Clear Choice/Prana Spaeuticals has created the Professional Intimate Peel System as well as the accompanied Home Care System. This treatment is recommended for underarms, bikini areas, areolas, knees and darkened elbows. Skill Level: Any Your Investment Includes: • Certificate of Completion • Intimate Brightening System • Cleanser • Lotion • Bikini Bottom • AHA/BHA mask • Arnica gel What You Need to Bring: • Pen & Paper or iPad /Tablet to take notes 132 W240D Dr. Ayyaz Shah Master Class on Hyperpigmentation