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Classes are FREE with your show pass! #premiereorlando HALOCOUTURE Extensions W232A hairtalk ® Extensions W232A Taylor Borren Face-to-face Interaction with a HALOCOUTURE Endless Possibilities Tucker Cinalli Arleny Aponte TAPE-IN expert SUNDAY 4:00 - 5:00p SUNDAY 11:30a - 12:30p Hair Extensions are in demand more now than ever. With so many different methods of extensions on the market, HALOCOUTURE has you completely covered. Our hair is of the finest quality and now offering new, gorgeous balayage shades and gemstone inspired colors. With a comprehensive overview of products, sales techniques, and business plans, you don’t want to miss out on this learning opportunity. Join hairtalk ® Extensions on a journey of creativity. Explore color effects, corrective cutting, dimensional up styling, hair wardrobing and fantasy looks all without chemicals! Experience our full range of hair enhancement products including Silvers, Colormelts and Rooted shades, Hairbands, Bang In and Top of the Head accessories which allow you to create 1,000+ customized combinations. Let’s talk Endless Possibilities with hairtalk ® Extensions. Babe Hair Babe Hair Extensions SUNDAY 9:00a - 6:30p MONDAY 9:00a - 5:00p Exhibit Floor Booth 3213 Jaqueline Figueroa Babe is the premiere Professional Only brand for all types of Hair Extensions. Offering solutions for fullness, volume, thinning hair and are-related issues, our 100% human, remy hair is best in class and can last most clients for many retouches. Come visit our living workshop and have any hair purchased installed for free! Get up and personal with our Micro-bonding techniques which can be life changing for the clients you already have! If you are not currently offering extensions we will get you off on the right foot and adding new service dollars back at the salon! See page 131 for a Hands-On Workshop by Babe Hair Extensions Donna Bella Hair Extensions W232A Carolyn Judd #blendlikeaboss: Tape-in Extensions and Blending Techniques Shea White Posibilidades Infinitas SUNDAY 1:00 - 2:00p We’ve all seen extensions that were obvious! When it comes to extensions, the dead giveaway is the glaring gap between someone’s hair and the extensions that flow beneath. In this class, you’ll discover how to expertly blend extensions by learning how to recommend the proper amount of extensions for your client’s hair type and by learning the four key components to blending extensions: determining the length, framing the face, connecting the layers between your client’s hair and the extensions and polishing and detailing your work. MONDAY 11:30a - 12:30p Arleny Aponte Acompañe a hairtalk Extensions ® a un viaje creativo donde explorará efectos de color, corrección de cortes, peinados tridimensionales, versatilidad para el cabello y estilos fantásticos sin utilizar químicos. Benefíciese de nuestra gama de productos para el mejoramiento del cabello incluyendo nuestros Silvers, Colormelts, Rooted, Hairbands, In y Top of the Head, los cuáles le permitirán crear más de mil combinaciones a la medida con Hairtalk Extensions ® . Short2long Extensions W232B Natalia Maria Agarkova-Sprenger Voitsekhovitch Introduction to Tape In Extensions SATURDAY 11:00a - 12:00p Learn from the best in the industry and take your hair extension skills to the next level. Learn about the fastest hair extensions application around. Clients love that our hair is reusable several times over, saving them money while you get paid to remove and re-apply. Gain an overall view of the Short2long Hair Extension system. Introduction to Micro Point Extensions SUNDAY 2:30 - 3:30p Brand new method of applying I-Tip Extensions that will change your thinning hair problems. Clients love that our hair is reusable several times over, saving them money while you get paid to remove and re-apply. In our seminar we will go over application, hair quality, proper tools and demonstration Introduction to Tape and I-Tip Extensions Toni Love’s Training Center Toni Love Wigs, Weaves, Extensions & Insurance! W232B SUNDAY 10:00 - 11:00a MONDAY 10:00 - 11:00a MONDAY 2:30 - 3:30p Learn about the fastest and safest extensions applications in todays market. From individual strand by strand application to the speed of tape in extensions that allow an application in under an hour. Clients love that our hair is reusable several times over, saving them money while you get paid to remove and re-apply. Toni will show the NO BRAIDS! NO GLUE! hair extensions technique. She will also discuss different types of wigs, weaves and extensions techniques that may be covered by INSURANCE! After this class, attendees will feel empowered by the opportunities exposed to them during this time spent with Toni! Attendees will see proof and experience of graduates from Toni Love’s Training Center who have earned $500- $3500 per client after being certified. Attendees will also see proof of insurance payments for various hair loss services. See page 124 for an additional class by Toni Love’s Training Center 127