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Presented by SalonCentric Presented by SalonCentric featuring Lynn Winsell featuring Daniel Mason Jones StyleNet SalonCentric Education The Art of Branding Generate Attention Online Sun 11:00a - 12:00p & Mon 1:30 - 2:30p Sun 11:00a - 12:00p & Mon 1:30 - 2:30p North Room C You already know that the world around you is online and searching for the services and products you offer. But do you know how to make it easy for those searching to find and connect with you? In this class, you will walk away with a concise understanding of how to generate results from your online channels, websites, social media, texting and e-blasts. You will walk away with simple, proven methods that cut through the techno-babble of online channels. PLUS, you will receive a FREE Social Planning Guide that you can start using today! 5 Proven Social Media Strategies to Grow Your Business Sun 3:30 - 4:30p North Room C Get found – learn the simple elements of a mobile friendly website that Google considers worthy for first page placement. Get connected – top ways to grow Instagram followers, Facebook likes and fill openings. Get heard – best practices from taking pictures, making videos, which apps to use and what to say when you post. Get touched – tips to keep your guests engaged, loyal and talking about you. Get sales – techniques for consistently using branded professional images inside your salon, eblasts and social media posts. You will walk away with simple and proven methods that cut through the jargon of social media and Internet marketing. North Room E Ready to stand out? What does your brand say about you? Who is your target market audience and how do you get their attention? Learn how to make a large impact on your brand and build your name in the industry. Are people talking about you? People can’t “buy” you if the don’t know what you’re selling. Make Money - Not Excuses Sun 2:00 - 3:00p & Mon 10:30 - 11:30a North Room E This program will motivate, inspire and ignite the passion within you to take control of your business. Why did you get into beauty? In this program, we will uncover your “why” and get you started on the next stage of your career. Learn how I generate $1M annually as a stylist. Wanna be Instafamous? Social Media - Instagram Sun 5:00 - 6:00p North Room E This program will highlight exactly what is needed to launch, build and monetize your Instagram to convert followers to dollars behind the ch "FV( 2f7BvVFvRBG&rV&VBVvRfvpg&fW"FR6VG'6VFr6VV'&G6ƖVG2BvVBVW&W2'GVFW2Fv&6WBvFFVWf6Bf7F'2&W6VFVB'66VG&0&Ɩ66gGv&P&W6VFVB'66VG&07V֗B6'W6W726VFW fVGW&r7FWF6fVGW&rVW2ƖRC#vF6ƖVG2W6r66gGv&Pg&BFW67V#3b33C3'F&@6wVW7G2WV7BVff6V7667FV7B&fW76Ɨ6&FW"FV&FV"'W6W72f6BgFW f6BW"g&BFW6FV6R"'&VW"wVW7B&WFVF&WF6W2BfW&6W'f6R6W27V33b#333b3C'F&0&Ɩ66gGv&RWFFVBfVGW&W2vVRR$RUBv&W72W6rFP6'&V7B'W6W72B&WFr&7F6W2vVRV&&R&WfVVR'w&vrW"6W'f6RF6W@B6VƖr&R&WF6RBV&vBFRgW722&WBN( 2FRFvfRW'6Vb&6R֖WFRFvB7V#3333b3#3'F&@RǒfRR66RFRw&VBf'7B&W76FRVF&R6FVvV&&62@Gf6VB77FV2rF6W'fRW"6wVW7G2vFWW&V6RFWvB7FFƶr&WBvRW&RFRR&V2FBwVW7G2FWFW&֖RFV"d%5B$U54BFV6FRvWFW""@FWv&WGW&f"gWGW&Rf6BFRFVv&RVvW&VBWrVFW'7FFrbV6FW.( 2&W0BrFWffV7BV6FW"v7WGE`fVGW&rvVFv7WG66WGv&rvFW'6P7V3CVV7B&rFW6R66VFF7&VFR'&B6V7BvFFW'2B'VBW"'W6W72V"f'7Bֆ@FR7F'brv7WG6RF&RBrN( 2Vr6VFW2&VBFRv&BV&FPFffW&V6R&WGvVVFF( 27BV"66VFWGv&2BrFW6RFVVffV7FfVǒ&Vv7FW"&V֖W&V&&֖v6r&3