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Fi Hair Winston Bennett Featuring Team Fi Haircutting Remedies The Art of Technical Cutting and Finishing Sun 4:00 - 5:15p Sun 12:45 - 2:00p East Room C This class is ideal for the stylist who would like to reinforce his or her cutting disciplines. Team Fi will explain the fundamental techniques of executing a planned, effective shape in the hair. This program will enable the stylist to alter any shape while maintaining control of each section, enhance comfort with creativity, break the rules and take your cutting skills to the next level. See page 16 for a Hands-On Workshop by Fi Hair Join Winston as he addresses some of the major cutting mistakes that hairdressers experience daily... these MISTAKES can be the difference between you being GREAT or just AVERAGE. Some of the major mistakes are (just to name a few): why does my BOB (lob) always has a hole on the sides; why does my PIXIE look more like a mullet than a pixie and what’s the correct way to do scissor over comb. “It’s not what you’re cutting, it’s how you’re cutting!” Fringe Benefits Mon 11:00a - 12:15p featuring Genevieve Strazisar Recreating Today’s Looks Cut It Out featuring Lillie G. Wiggins 14 Cut Out Domestic Abuse East Room C Domestic abuse has no boundaries, it does not discriminate. It’s massive, yet passive onset has captured some of the most elite. There are no age boundaries either, characteristics displayed as young as kindergarten. It is time to break the silence is to say the least. Our first mission is to educate the fashion and beauty industry on how to become front line identifiers of abuse. We all agree the cosmetologist is the unlicensed “Physiologist”. We hear all and in many cases see it all. We have educated near 1,000 participants to include licensed Mental and Medical Health Career Service Professionals. See page 24 for an additional class by Lillie G. Wiggins. Bonika Shears East Room C In this demonstration class, we’ll break down the latest trends in finishing hair. This class is jam-packed with celebrity and runway looks and lots of tips and tricks on recreating the looks on your clients. From formal looks to everyday styles, bring your phone and get your Insta-stories ready to capture all of the looks and inspire your clients at home. Taught by Genevieve Strazisar (@genthehairdresser), a favorite educator, platform artist and session stylist – this class is a must attend for today’s [\˂[ L H H BX\HB N\[X]STHHKHKˈH[H\Y[][HXYHHYXXˈ]\۸&]X]\Y[\Y[X\Z\Z\\K]H܈ZY H\ۛX[ۈ\]XZ\\›\X[[ˈ[[ۈ\H\\YHو\YHXܙ]ۈ][ܙHS܈[\P[ܙX][HTPSK[\[[ [ۈ  H ΌBX\HBX]\[\[ZXZ[[[ۜ ۛYHYY[Y[YZ\[[”[ [ۈN H LBBX\H‘HZ\][܈8'Z\[['K\]Z\\[H\H[\ܚ]H]\[[وHZ\™[[K۝H^\H][H]][H[^ܙHY[Y][X\]Y\[ž[HYH[\Z\]8'YHYx'H\^\Z\\\Y]^K[Y[X\8']Z\\ZHHYYY[]Y\[HY]^x'K\Z\[^\K][Y[X[ܛ]\][ܙXZ]ۘHHZ\\K[Y][ۈ][X\]Y\X\HXܙ]و8']8'H][œX\[8'x'H][X\H]\ ][[X\^\ ۛYHYY[Y\\H\[X\UB MBٙ^HوXB[ZY\X\Z[[\˘^