Premiere Birmingham Show Preview 2018 - Page 11

Presented by SalonCentric Presented by SalonCentric featuring Jesse Linares featuring Kim Oakley Sam Villa ® Surface Cut it Short & Cut it Long with Surface! Razor Revival Sun 11:00a -12:00p East Ballroom B The underestimated power of a razor as an everyday tool in a hairdresser’s arsenal can limit creativity and the guest experience! Often overlooked because of the myths the industry has built around this emotional tool, a razor can be used effectively in almost any haircutting scenario. Dive head first into the depths of proper razor use and the vast array of techniques that can be utilized to create anything from loose lived- in texture to strong deliberate lines in this very focused event. Walk away owning the why, when, do’s, and don’ts of this everyday tool! Authentic Design Mon 12:00 - 1:00p East Ballroom B Authenticity leads the way this year as we return to what is natural, honest and real to each of us. Hairdressers can release their sense of creativity to design looks for their clients that are truly built to suit today’s lifestyle. Everyone is looking to cash in on “Fringe Benefits” with short, shagged and micro fringe for the guest looking to make a bold statement while social media is flooded with 70s inspired long curtain fringe for a softer aesthetic. These add an element of interest to the long reigning champion of hair trends… the lob. But now, the lob is taking on a slightly different silhouette to stay current with the up and coming challenger for the top seat… the modern shag as layering continues to make a strong statement. Cuts are created to allow hair to move in all directions and the more rigid sides from the continued barber influence are being shaped with shears and razors to get away from the “fresh from the salon” look. Embrace true natural texture or recreate a natural texture through technique, tools and product. Dust off your rollers, round brushes and curling irons because volume on top has finally returned! Sun 9:30 - 10:30a & Mon 9:00 - 10:00a North Room F Concave layers, disconnection, compression cutting, piecing and weave cutting! Learn the most sought after lines and layers of today! THE LOOK: Surface Urban Gypsy Front and Center. Short layers with soft inversion featuring compression cutting, piecing and weave cutting. THE LOOK: Surface Urban Gypsy Freedom. Long, Concave Layers with a blended disconnection. Raw. Organic. Street Glamour. Shadow, Melt and BalayBRUSH with Surface Pure Color! Sun 12:30 - 1:30p & Mon 12:00 - 1:00p North Room F Shadow, melt and up your balayage game with the new BalayBRUSH technique resulting maximum color diffusion with Surface Pure Color! Learn to create the most sought after color looks of 2018! The Surface Contour Melt featuring the technique to create the perfect melt to accent any f66RBFR7W&f6PW&R6"fVfVGW&rW&R6FvrBfW&F7&VFRFRW&fV7BbG&VB6"&W6VFVB'66VG&0֖f&'&G0fVGW&rFVP7V#bSc#'F&@WfW"v6R6VB&V7&VFRFW6RB'&G2fFrW"FVƖSF22FR672f"R7FfW22&RFV67G'V7FVBBFVvB( g&FR7&v( f"6ƖfVBWBFV6RV&pWW&V6Rv6vVfRR&VGFFRW"62FFRWBWfVg&66VB'&G2BG&&2F7FFVVB'&G2FW6RGf6VB2&RV6ǒ7W7F֗&RBF&VGwV&FVVBF&V6R6ƖVBff&FW2&W6VFVB'66VG&0tVƖr&6&PfVGW&rGB7vWGf6VBg&Wv&fVGW&rFVǖ4v( G&V"r7VcbCW&Bf GB7vW( 2v&7&VFfRF&V7F"BFRvW"B&VBFR6"R6@vW"BWW&V6R( FRǒ'&BFVF6FVBFFR6&fW7627V66W72"rvvR&VƖWfRFR&VWGGW7G'BRF7&RRFw&rW"6'W6W72V&rR6'FW"vFFRǒ'&BFBV26V2B&FV7G2"g&FR6FRWB7V33b3C'F&@fvr7FW'7FW&6FfVFF2F26W'6R6fW'2FV6VW27'V6F7V7G2`7GƖrV&6&627V62rvFW'6R&66&rvFFVFB7FW&rFPW&fV7BVfRF2672vFGvgV26VFrrF6WfRFBB( v6v( WBW2VRG&V"r&VƖWfR7&Rw&r␥7FWFFFR( "&V֖W&V&&֖v6r&