Premiere Birmingham Show Preview 2018 - Page 18

Wahl Hattori Hanzo Shears featuring Rick Morin Faded MG Class Think Like a Barber Sun & Mon 12:45 - 2:00p featuring Rory Sevajian East Room N Be the master of your tool and the artist of your canvas. If you aren’t using clippers as part of your regular practice then you have fallen behind. Barbering is here to stay, regardless of your background. Learn, or refresh, the core techniques of successful precision cutting. It’s not an option anymore, it’s a necessity if you want to stay competitive. To Connect or Disconnect Sun & Mon 2:30 - 3:30p East Room N Managing medium to long lengths on top with short lengths on the sides can be challenging. Connecting disconnected haircuts can seem like an impossible task. If you have ever wondered…“What do I do with the hair on top of the head?” or… “How do I make the top hair blend with the sides?”, then this class is for you. You will learn everything you need to know about blending the various lengths while creating movement within the hair. Learn clipper techniques to control the hair all in 5 easy steps. Become confident, remove your limitations, increase your skill set and grow your clientele. Johnny B. Hair Care featuring Tommy Gonzales Elite Clipper Cutting Techniques by Johnny B. Sun & Mon 11:00a - 12:15p 18 East Room L Johnny B.’s Elite Clipper Cutting Techniques Demo without attachments is perfect for any professional looking for a challenge. Clipper-over-comb is the most respected skill amongst top b \\ˈYH[X\\\X\]YHX]H[\\ۘ[X\ۈ]\HZ\] \\\]YHH[X\ۙYHYX]ܜ[[\\\H]\[Y[&\ܛZ[ˈ[ܙX\H[\[X[B[[^HB[ Ό H  \ [ۈ  H ΌM\B[Z\X]\[^H[[H]\&\Y](ۜX[HYB[ [ۈN H LBB\\BX]\[[[\[\\[\Y][ N  H M\BX\[HB\[ݘ]]HXX[H\\X[Y[Y܈[][\]\\ۈ[ٛܛZ[Y][ۘ[Z\][ܚو\ ][\YۜܝZ]][[[]Z[\H[[ۜ]Y[]YH\\ۈH][YHوܙX]]H\\[˂\[YH[ې[XXX[[]YHٙXX[\\[[H N L[ۈN H L XHBX\[HBX[Y[Y܈[H][و\\܈Y]\ Z[HۛYHو\XX\܈Y[\\[[[[\\ݙ\XܙX]HX[Y\[][\˂^X]܂HYHZYܚ\KH[]Y[ ]XX[[Hو[HY[&\[]Y\]HY[HB[܈Y[&\ܛZ[Xˈ^K[ܙH[ YX\[H]X] XX[ٙ\HYB\Y]Hو[\Y[&\ܛZ[X][XZ[YHH[8&\\]YH[H[[BX\]]\ Z]\][HX\][ˈHHXX[ X\[ܙHX]H[ٙXX[XHوH[^K\[YH[ې[X’\X\•H[XوܘYX[\[N H H  [ۈN H H  BۙY[H]\\‘X\HH\[\HHYHZ[[وHYHZ\] HYHܘ\ [KYH[K\[[[[H[\XH[]\HܙX]]HY\[XY][[YH[\^[Bۘܙ]HۜX]HY]܈[H\X][ۋX]ܜ[X]Z\HH]XܚX[[Y[X[BوH[Y]ܚYYYY[HZ\Z\][\Z[[ۋ[X\HYH[\X]Hق][[[ܙ[^Y\XZ\][]\]K[N H H  [ۈN H H  B(X\H”ܞH]ZX[ YY[H[ZYH[HYH[\XHHۜ[][ۈ[H [\ [B[ZH[\Y[&\[[\][[H[[\[Y\[X\]Y\[[HXY]HH][HYHۈ[Yܘ[O[H[]H[\X[HY[[HX][[\Z\ۙY[]^HZ\\\\\H\܈[HBYHYH L܈Y][ۘ[\\H]ܚH[X\‘^X]܂T[ܘYYٙ\[ۘ[[\X\\HHܛۚ[XY][Y[وH8'\'KHYB[YܘYX[YH[ܘ]\\X\]HTX\ˈXXZ\وTX\œYX[\XXHܛK[\[[[ۋYHYH\]\[\ݙ\T\B\[\H[]\ZHܙوX\˂Y\\H\[X\ UH MHٙ^HوX