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Sunlights ® Balayage Presented by SalonCentric MATRIX featuring Candy Shaw featuring Tabatha Coffey Painting Balayage! with Candy Shaw aka The Balay Lama™ Sun 2:00 - 5:00p East Room M With ‘Hair Painting’ being one of the most newly requested services in the salon, there has never been a better time to come learn with the foremost balayage expert, Candy Shaw. Having painted hair for over 20+ years, The Balay Lama ™ utilizes her tips, tricks, tools and techniques to help elevate your balayage craft. Her system will have you feeling confident on Tuesday morning to convert that first foil guest over to balayage! Learn to Reawaken Hair’s Natural Brilliance in this intensive and intimate ‘Hands-On’ event. Each student will receive a Sunlights Balayage ‘swag bag’, education handout and diploma. But that’s not all! By signing up, you will be automatically entered to win a ‘Shadow Day’ in Candy’s salon located in Atlanta, GA*! Don’t wait – the time is now to come ‘Join the Balayage Revolution ™ ’! ™ Elevate the Salon Experience Look & Learn Sun 1:30 - 3:00p & Mon 9:30 - 11:00a East Ballroom B Hear from industry icon Tabatha Coffey as she shares her tips and ideas on how to enhance the client’s journey in your salon, capitalize on the consultation, build your clientele through social media and more. Have a question? Ask her yourself during the open mic Q&A session! Tabatha Coffey has devoted her professional life to achieving excellence as a successful business woman, company owner, designer and educator. Drawing on her years of hands-on experience, Tabatha now travels the country as she helps struggling businesses, as seen on Bravo’s Tabatha Takes Over. With her signature edgy style, tough love approach and exceptional skills, Tabatha is without question the golden girl of small businesses. Look & Learn Price: $49 Limited to the first 70 people. What do I need to bring? • Pen and paper or iPad to take notes • Questions Workshop Prices: $239 On or before October 20 l $250 Day of Show What is included? •Sunlights ® Balayage ‘swag bag’ • Education handout • Mannequin • Certificate of Completion • Entry to win a ‘Shadow Day’ at Candy’s salon in Atlanta, GA* What do I need to bring? •Clips •Tail Comb • Apron • Learning Attitude Fi Hair Évalash Beauty featuring Quyen Nguyen Individual Volume Lash 2D-6D an Advance Technique featuring Team Fi Mon 1:00 - 4:00p East Room M Come learn how to perform individual volume lash using 2D-6D. 16 Quyen will teach you how to: Advanced Technical Cutting Mon 9:00a - 12:00p East Room M This hands-on workshop is ideal for the s 履ЁݡݽձѼɕɍѡȁѥ̸͍Q)ݥѡչхѕՕ́ᕍѥѥٔ͡ѡȸQ)ɽɅݥѡ履ЁѼѕȁ͡ݡхɽ͕ѥ)ЁݥѠɕѥ٥䰁ɕѡձ́хȁѥͭ́ѼѡЁٕQ́ɕͥٔ)ٕ٥܁ѡɸͥ́ɍѥݥԁɕɍɕɕ͠ѥѥͭ)ݡԁɸѡՉѱѥ́ɕͥ)ȁѕՕѥ̰!ȁЁɽ̹ȁԴĴ̸)1ѕѼѡЀ)]ɭ͡Aɥ耐=ȁɔ=ѽȀ䁽M)]Ё́Ց5ե ѥ ̃ ѥєѥ+% ѽ锁ɕЁ́Ѽѡ唁͡+%A͡Ё+%!܁Ѽȁٽյ͕͠٥ѼĀļȁ́ٽյѠ+%!܁ѼɅєɔٽյ+%QɽՉ͡ѥɽ́ݥѠ٥Յ́͡ݡٽյ́́͠مх)ȁѕՕѥ̰م͡ȁĴܴก1ѕѼѡЀ)]ɭ͡Aɥ耐=ȁɔ=ѽȀ䁽M)]Ё́Ց ѥє ѥ=٥͔5եā͕Ёٽյ͠)ݕ̃āɅѥ͠āͥٔā͠Ʌ)]Ё$Ѽɥ5她͕̀啝͕̀%A)]Ё$ѼɥMͽ̃]ѕȁ ѱ ̃ )Qɕѕȁ٥ͥЁɕɕɵܹ͡聽ȁԴ