Premiere Birmingham Show Preview 2017 - Page 27

Nancy King Intro to Safe Electric Filing Dancing • Music • Cash Bar Sun 9:30 - 10:30a East Room E Don’t be afraid to use a drill - using one properly can save time & make you money! Let the industry’s leading authority on Electric File Safety, Nancy King, take the mystery out of buying a machine, choosing the right bits, and much more! Understand how to: • How to buy a drill • Create great smile lines • Reduce dust Learn basic safety tips, shortcuts and time-saving techniques for all types of nail services no matter which machine or product you use (AEFM standards). Where is the Line Between Medical Practice & Nail Services? Sun 2:15 - 3:30p East Room E Where is the regulatory line between nail services and unlicensed medical practice? With advanced techniques marketed to nail professionals such as cutting out ingrown toenails, working on diabetics and fungal toenails, the liability increases tremendously. You’ll learn: • Just because you can buy it does NOT mean you can use it • What about products marketed to nail professionals outside their scope of practice • How to find cosmetology rules that apply to your practice • How the FDA classifies medical devices such as lasers • What classes of devices you can use with your license no matter where performed • How to protect yourself from prosecution by the medical board for unlicensed medical practice Sunday October 22 8p – 12 a At-Risk Clients and Elderly Foot Care Mon 9:30 - 10:30a East Room E Don’t get caught up in marketing and promotion for products and ‘certifications’ that can cause you to lose not only your nail license but could also land you in prison for unlicensed medical practice! Learn how to identify issues with the elderly foot before you get in over your head, identify unhealthy conditions in client’s feet, best products for cleaning and disinfecting all pedicure units and also what the build-up in pedicure spas is and how you can get ride of it. Get the answers to these questions and more! @ Sheraton Birmingham Hotel Ballroom $3+ per person (suggested donation) 100% of the proceeds will benefit the National Breast Cancer Society See page 29 for additional classes by Nancy King Must be 18 or over. Follow Us PremiereBirmingham Register by September 23 & SAVE $15 off day of show price l @PremiereBirm @premierebirmingham #PremiereBirmingham 27