Premiere Birmingham Show Preview 2017 - Page 15

Sherry Ratay How to Achieve Grey Coverage and Grey Blending JKS International Sun 11:00a - 12:15p Mon 12:45 - 2:00p East Room A In this class, Sherry will incorporate grey coverage and blending with different haircolor formulas and applications. It will include when and why to choose a Permanent haircolor over a Demi-permanent and the visual end results with each application and formula. From this class you will learn: • Theory of haircolor • 5 Ways to alter hair with haircolor • PH Scale with haircolor position • Grey coverage with Permanent and Demi-Permanent haircolor • Grey coverage multi-dimensional results • Grey blending for men See page 22 for a hands-on workshop by Sherry Ratay featuring John Kaytaz Quick & Easy Steps of Color Correction with ALL hd PLEX Sun 12:45 - 2:00p & 4:00 - 5:15p M #CR#b#33CWV7B&@gFV7GƗ7G2&R66&VB"F֖FFVB'6"6'&V7FF涖rFBBFRVBFWvvWBVWfV&W7VG2&RWfVFvRFR"BFBBv&RfW'FP67V֖rF26722f&GFVB6R6fVV6f'F&RBBV6RvFFR6ЦVvRb6"6'&V7F2vV2&Vr&RFvWBFR6ƖVBWB&V6&RV@bFR'W6rV7Ffr6'G2Fw&2B6WBFBR6FRvFRrvFe$TRgV6R"FVfVFW"U"Ɩ6FBFv6ƖgFR&6W72rvF6&RGfFvW2b2FƖ6'2FWfVW'2&V6rvFW"B"FVfVFW"UF2w2RFfR&VF7F&R@w&VB"6FFVBf6r&W7VG2vF&R6fFV6RfǒRvV6VFW rFFV6BV76"6'&V7F&RwVW72v&&R&VF2&斶6V'0fVGW&rW&V֖62b&RVvvvvG2F6s7V#CR##WV7B&0V&7WGFrFV6VW2f"7&VFrFR7W'&VBfW'6bFR626rF2672Rvà( V&FV6VW2BƖ6F2f"FR6p( W&RFR7F'g&FRs( 2W&62'7GP( VFW'7FBFF( 26rFFF0( &V6VfRvVFvR2FFR6'&V7BF2f"7WGFrF27GR&Vv7FW"'6WFV&W"#07WBFvV'RvFW2BV&rFV6ǒFBF2W776W7GRFWfW'vRB"VwF6vvG2F6sFFFV&&WBW"7WGFpW'6ƗGg&66'VW"B4Tb&斶6V'2&RVvvfbFb6r&6P6VRvRf"FFF672'&斶6V'04dRCPwwr&V֖W&V&&֖v6r&P