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Extensions & Weaves & Hair Loss Solutions Cinderella Hair Extensions HALOCOUTURE Extensions featuring Ely Arenas featuring Taylor Boren Add Volume to your Business in No Time! A Technique for Every Client Sun 11:00a - 12:15p East Room B Does your rΓ©sumΓ© include hair extensions? This overview will instruct on the benefits of six extension methods. Learn which technique to choose for each salon guest, discover how extensions can grow your salon business by adding length, volume or chemical free highlight, understand how combining multiple methods can increase your income and save your guest valuable time. Sun & Mon 12:45 - 2:00p Imagine gorgeous, luxurious hair extensions with absolutely no damage or hassle. Our new balayage and rooted colors give endless options to create beautiful, custom blends for all your clients. Come by our class and learn how to grow your business with HALOCOUTURE Extensions. PureO Natural Products featuring Nicole Gregorie NouriTress Hair Products Natural Remedies for Hair Loss and Hair Thinning featuring DeShawn Bullard Sun 2:30 - 3:30p The Business of Hair Loss Mon 11:00a - 12:15p East Room B It’s 2018 and clients experiencing hair loss is at an all-time high. These customers are turning to their salon professionals for help. Get in position to increase your revenue & help your clients with this issue. This seminar will discuss the causes of hair loss, proper consultation, understanding microscopic scalp analysis, the importance of becoming a hair loss specialist, retailing to hair thinning clients, oxygen scalp therapy and salon menu services required for client hair restoration. Learn natural remedies that can help your clients that are dealing with the struggles of hair loss. In this class you will learn how to stop DHT from reaching and destroying hair follicles and how to provide essential nutrients and repair enzymes for hair follicle recovery. This is a class you do not want to miss. National Trichology Training Institute featuring Connie Judge, Trichologist and President of NTTI. Sun 4:00 - 5:15p East Room B Hair loss has become an epidemic! Attendees will learn the methodologies of hair regrowth when using laser treatment services, such as infrared, infrablue and infrayellow. Connie invites beauty professionals to take their salon business to the new dimension of trichology hair care services featuring Sharon Reams The Cover Up Technique East Room B Designed for clients that have thinning hair in the crown of the head. Learn how the style options are endless without the use of braids, glues, clips, links or infusions, leaving clients the ability to part their hair anywhere. The thinning areas are completely covered and protected creating a head full of natural looking hair. No More Tracks or Wigs NE W! (Cosmetic Hair Loss Solutions) Sun 4:00 - 5:15p East Room B Hair Loss, Trichology and Laser Therapy Sharon's Total Hair Transformation Sun 9:30 - 10:30a & Mon 2:30 - 3:30p East Room B The Male Facts About Hair Loss Mon 9:30 - 10:30a East Room B Contrary to popular belief, men’s hair loss is at an all time high, starting as early as puberty. Barbers & stylists learn about proper hormone replacement therapy & many other treatments for scalp disorders and hair loss as it relate to the male factor. CEUs available for attending this class. Spa Dazzle Hair Salon & Day Spa East Room A FINALLY!!! A hot Cosmetic hair loss solution for men and women with severe alopecia or male patterned baldness. No tracks, bonding glue, clips,links or infusions. Beautiful manageable hair is perfectly blended with the clients own natural hair. This technique can be parted anywhere and worn totally off the face and lasts between two to five ΅½ΉΡ‘Μ„1•…ΙΈ‘½άε½Τ…Έ‘…ɝ”€ΤΐΐΡΌ(Δ°ΤΐΐΑ•Θ±₯•ΉΠ™½ΘΡ‘•Ν”Ν•ΙΩ₯•ΜΈM%9%L 1%Y%9„)™•…ΡΥΙ₯Ήœ1₯±±₯”Έ]₯₯ΉΜ)Q‘”ΙЁ½˜Y•ΉΡ₯±…Ρ₯½Έ)5½Έ€ΔΘθΠΤ€΄€ΘθΐΑΐ$)…ΝЁI½½΄ )Q…ΐ₯ΉΡΌΡ‘”‰₯±±₯½Έ€₯Ή‘ΥΝΡΙ䁽˜±…”έ₯Μ…ΉΙ…Ή₯…°ΑΙ½ΝΡ‘•Ρ₯Μέ₯Ρ ½Ή”)½˜Ρ‘”™•ά5…Νѕȁ]₯œɍ‘₯Ρ•Π…Ή•Ν₯Ή•Ί₯Έ΅•Ι₯„Ρ½‘…丁5…Νѕȁ]₯œ)ɍ‘₯Ρ•Π1₯±±₯”Έ]₯₯ΉΜ‘…́啅Ιϊd•αΑ•Ι₯•Ή”έ½Ι­₯Ήœέ₯Ρ Ρ‘”‘…₯ȁ±½ΝΜ)Α½ΑΥ±…Ρ₯½Έ…Ή‘•Ν₯Ή₯Ήœ½ΥЁ½˜Ρ‘”‰½ΰέ₯œΥΉ₯ΡΜΈ%ΈΡ‘₯́±…Ν́•… Α…ΙΡ₯₯Α…ΉΠ)έ₯±°ΥΉ‘•ΙΝΡ…ΉΡ‘”ΝΡ•ΆΉ••‘•ΡΌ‰•½΅”„ƒŠq]₯œɍ‘₯Ρ•ΣŠtΈ)M•”Α…”€Θ́™½Θ…Έ…‘‘₯Ρ₯½Ή…°±…Ν́‰δ1₯±±₯”Έ]₯₯ΉΜ(ΠΠ