Premiere Birmingham Day Of Show 2018 - Page 38

Men’s Zone & Barbershop Wahl Hattori Hanzo Shears featuring Rick Morin featuring Rory Sevajian Think Like a Barber Sun & Mon 12:45 - 2:00p East Room N Barbering is here to stay, regardless of your background. Learn, or refresh, the core techniques of successful precision cutting. It’s not an option anymore, it’s a necessity if you want to stay competitive. To Connect or Disconnect Sun & Mon 2:30 - 3:30p East Room N Learn everything you need to know about blending the various lengths while creating movement within the hair. Learn clipper techniques to control the hair all in 5 easy steps. Become confident, remove your limitations, increase your skill set and grow your clientele. Rory Sevajian (@fadedinc) will guide you through a full service from consultation to style & finish. Do you want to take your Men’s Skills to another level? Do you want to understand different techniques to help you achieve the cuts you see on Instagram? Do you want to have your male clientele leaving your chair confident that they look their sharpest? This is the class for you! See page 22 for additional classes by Hattori Hanzo Shears Clock Point Hair The Cutter’s View ™ : Constructing the Fade featuring Tommy Gonzales Elite Clipper Cutting Techniques Mon 9:30 - 10:30a East Room L Johnny B.’s Elite Clipper Cutting Techniques Demo without attachments is perfect for any professional looking for a challenge. Clipper-over-comb is the most respected skill amongst top barbers. Come and master this technique to leave your personal mark on every haircut. Universal Barber featuring Van Campbell The Craft of W! Men’s Cutting NE Barbering Carved Out East Ballroom A This innovative specialty class is recommended for all levels, as it focuses on transforming traditional haircuts into works of art. Tattooing, designs, portraits, outlining and details are demonstrated and taught by artists on the cutting edge of creative barbering. Confidence with Clippers Mon 9:30 - 10:45a East Room N The fade graph, top line, fade line, start and end points and the blend area will setup a creative blueprint to achieving all fade styles, exposing a concrete constructive method for trendy replication. Spectators will acquire a new pictorial remembrance of the framework needed to advance their haircutting comprehension. Unmask the true simplicity of developing an organized approach to haircu []\]K\\H8([ N  H M\BX\H™X]\[^H[[HZ\\B[ [ۈ LN H H LM\BYYQ\”[ Ό H  \ [ۈ  H ΌM\BX\[HBX[Y[Y܈[H][و\\܈Y]\ Z[HۛYHق\XX\܈Y[\\[[[[\\ݙ\XܙX]BX[Y\[][\˂X]\[Z\ܘY[ܚY ҈ܚX[[N H LBBX\H[x&]HX\YH\XوY[&\Z\][]Z\ܘY[[҈[›ݙ\Y[Y][X\]Y\]\HY[][[\Z\[˜[Y[ZHHT[[x&\HۙK^H[ݙ\X\]Y\X\\\ݙ\XY[YY[&\[[\Yۈ[\X[Y[\[\[[\[H\XHX]Y[X\H L ]K^H[[XX[B\]H8'ܛ\ٙXx'HH[ݚYHܙY[܈ۜ\[Y[[KB\[YH[ې[X[\]HU”YۚYX[\Y]ܚ[•H[XوܘYX[\X]\[ؙ\X\X\\] ҈ܚX[X\[HB\X\”[N H H B[ۈN H H  B^X]܂ T[ܘYYٙ\[ۘ[[\X\\HHܛۚ[XY][Y[وH8'\'KHYH[YܘYX[YH[ܘ]\\X\]HTX\ˈXXZ\وTX\YX[\XXHܛK[\[[[ۋYHYH\]\[\ݙ\T\B\[\H[]\ZHܙوX\˂[ۈ N  H B[X[H\\[x&[X\]HYX]܈\[ H]^H\H[[ž[H^H]H[\H^H\H^K[\\x&\H\[H[[XX[[HHˈ\H[H[\\Y[΂(XYHH]ܛHYX]܈܈HۜܙYHH[¸(ܙX]HHX[H[ ܈]]\X]ܜ¸(ܛ[\Y[[H[]HH[’Y[HZYY\[Hو\H܈]H\]Y\[ۜ[\\[ž[H[H\H[\]ܚ]] [\܈\[H[XXHYX][ۈ