Premiere Birmingham Day Of Show 2018 - Page 22

Hair Trends Hattori Hanzo Shears DIVERSITYMESH Featuring Taylor Jameson, Alethia Finley & Doe Zitscher Precision and Texture featuring Garrett Samuel Sun & Mon 9:30 - 10:45a East Room O In this class Garrett will explain techniques that will allow you to better handle your toughest clients. Whether it’s a bob, long layer or perfected creative haircut, Garrett Samuel is the one for you! Foundation Matters featuring Collin Martin-Sark Sun & Mon 11:00a - 12:15p East Room O With trends constantly changing, this class reveals the similarities and consistencies concerning the foundation and fundamentals of short styles. Whether it be a cute women’s pixie or a smoothly blended men’s fade, Collin teaches a shear over comb technique that stands the test of time and produces a flawless blend while being both efficient and effective. East Room O In this class you are going to learn head shape hair cutting on any type of hair. This will combine multidimensional texture with revolutionary cutting techniques to create the perfect haircut for anyone’s head shape. With proper blending you will raise the bar and set brilliant standards that are easy to take back to the salon. Simplicity is the key. From making flat hair pop, to making curly hair move, there’s NO type of hair that you will not be able to conquer after taking this class. Chromastics featuring Tom Dispenza East Room A Master colorists know there is always something new to learn. They stay on top of their game by paying attention. This class will teach you how master colorists mix tones to get the fantastic results they are famous for. This class will explain how to get three different levels of color results from one tube of color including three main techniques for ombre and balayage. You’ll learn how to lighten dark brown hair three full levels without brassiness and how to create pastel shades that last and don’t go off-tone. Step out of your hair-color-box and learn what master colorists know. Bonika Shears featuring Jeremiah Sammons & Bonnie Megowan Precision Cutting featuring Cole Thompson Advanced Hair Sculpting East Room O A class with Cole Thomp ۈ[[[H]\H[ۈ]ۛB]YX\]H\]H[[\[\[[وX\]YK\\˜XZۈX\[ۈ][]\\ܛH[[܈YXܜ[ۈقX]\X[ \\\H]\܈[[\][][˂YHYH ܈Y][ۘ[\\H]ܚH[X\ŒX\HB]\UTUSQT]\ Y\[[X[BZ\\\HYH\HY\[[\\][]\ۈH[YHYH\HY\[X\]Y\و][Z\BX\^܈][\HX\Z\ZY[[^[[ۜ[ۈۙHYK\HX\[[ZYHH]YY[HXXZ\\\™[X[[QPUSӐSHUTK[  H Ό [ۈN H LBBX]\[^[HYB[  H ΌM\[ۈ L H N \B[N H LB[ۈ  H ΍ \Bܚ[Z\]X\\ܚ\’XY\HZ\][”[ L H N \BUTUSQT[ [ۈN H LBBX\H‘HZ\][܈8'Z\[['K\]Z\\[H\H[\ܚ]H]\[[وHZ\[[K۝H^\H][H]][H[^ܙHY[Y][X\]Y\[[HYH[\Z\]8'YBYx'H\^\Z\\\Y]^K[Y[X\8']Z\\ZHHYYY[]Y\[HY]^x'K\Z\[^\K][Y[X[ܛ]\][ܙXZ]ۘHHZ\\K[Y][ۈ][X\]Y\X\HXܙ]و8']8'H][X\['x'H][X\H]\ ][[X\^\ ۛYHYY[