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For Hairdresser Career Development Systems Presented by SalonCentric Bizlink Salon Software featuring Stephan Thompson featuring Jon Gonzales Make $200,000 with 100 Clients Using Salon Software How to Build and Grow a Successful Business Sun 12:00 - 1:10p & Mon 2:00 - 3:10p Room D182 The purpose of this class is to help salon owners develop powerful business and management skills. Jon teaches salon owners about how to meet the growing challenges of running a successful and profitable business. A trial and error approach to running a successful business is just too costly in today’s tough economy. Jon’s “tough love” business classes have been acclaimed throughout the United States and Canada for being practical, easy to understand, and cost-effective. Jon shares his vast experiences as a salon owner and educator with fellow salon owners in his efforts to help salon owners become outstanding businessmen and women. featuring Amy Carter Bizlink Salon Software automated features will help you MAKE MORE MONEY and work less! Using the correct business and marketing practices will help you earn more revenue by growing your service ticket and selling more retail. Come and learn what all the fuss is about. It’s time to give yourself a raise! Presented by SalonCentric Summit Salon Business Center Front Desk 911 Sun 9:00 - 10:10a & Mon 3:00 - 4:10p Also approved for estheticians Sun 2:00 - 3:10p Room D182 • Walk away with wealth strategy steps • Simple secrets to making more by working less with a profitable team • Create the building blocks of your business model • Learn how to avoid common mistakes many owners make Profit Accelerator Also approved for manicurists Room D182 • Roadmap to your profitability • Launch your business with money management tools • Learn the secrets to drive your business to growth A Minute to Win It! Also approved for estheticians Room B142-143 You only have one chance to make a great first impression! The entire salon team will learn basic and advanced systems on how to serve your salon guests with an experience they will not stop talking about! We explore the 5 main areas that guests determine their FIRST IMPRESSION and decide whether or not they will return for a future visit. The team will be empowered in a new understanding of each other’s roles and how they all affect each other. John Amico Professional Haircare Products Charge With Confidence, Charge Your Worth featuring Johnny Amico Also approved for manicurists Room D181 Have you ever felt like you were working really hard and not earning what you are worth? In this class you will learn how you can earn more starting today without raising prices, you will also learn if and when you should raise prices. This is a must attend for all salon/spa owners and staff. • Maximize each client visit • Know if and when to raise your prices • How to raise your prices Room B142- )MՕ́Ё䰁ͥѕ䁅ɽͥʹɑȁѼɸѡȁͥ́٥ͥЁѕ)٥ͥиeȁɽЁͬѕȁɕȁՕЁɕѕѥɕх̰ٕͅɅ͕٥̸ͅ)Mո5$)5$)Mո$)I)ɥ)ձ́5)ݕɥeԁ ձѥ)QUѥє555()Mո5$)eЁȁѡIх)Mո5$)I)Iх́ȁɥMݡ䁑履́ȁѡɕх)́͡ԁ܁ԁɸ)ɔݡ׊eɔѡȀЁѡȸQɸȁѼɕɸ)܁׊eٔɕхͼԁݽeЁȁѡɕх)ͥ́մ͕́ɔɽٕȁ͵ѽ̸Mхѥɕȁѥ͔́ɽٕ