Premiere Beauty Classic Show Preview 2018 - Page 31

DiGrigoli Seminars featuring Lauren Gartland featuring Paul J. DiGrigoli Explode Your Income 20% to 30% Booked Solid Also approved for estheticians Sun 9:00 - 10:10a Room D181 In this hands-on class you will learn a proven and repeatable 40-second system to get all your clients in an additional 2 to 6 visits per year. This has created INSTANT growth for thousands of salon/spa professionals. You will learn how to make an additional $1,000 to $2,000 per month WITHOUT seeing more clients. Think about it… that’s an increase of $12,000 to $24,000 a year raise per technician. How to Become a $100,000 to $200,000 Salon/Spa Professional NOW! Sun 1:00 - 2:10p Sun 10:00 - 11:10a We often think we’ll have clients forever. If you took a snapshot of your services for the last three weeks, is there any room for improvement? Paul DiGrigoli will share with you the best of what he has learned from almost forty years as a hairdresser, salon, and school owner. Learn how to stay booked, get new clients, retain current clients, build your referral business like never before, and raise your prices without fear. Stay in Love with Your Salon Mon 10:00 - 11:10a Room D181 Would you like to make MORE and work LESS? Double your income WITHOUT seeing MORE clients? You will leave this class with 3 proven ways to instantly BOOST your income by $10,000 to $25,000 NOW! Learn a repeatable system to effortlessly ADD $100+ to your book EVERY DAY! Discover the secret to working SMART vs HARD to create more life/work balance. If you are ready to give yourself a raise don’t miss this impactful class! See page 22 for an additional class by Paul J. DiGrigoli Salon Evolve Academy Room D181 In this class you will learn the top 3 secrets to inspire your team to new heights. Discover how to boost &R'VBFfFB7&V6RFVW&f&6R&V6VfR&WVF&R77FVF&W&B &Vf"֖WFRBVfRFRFfGVVvW&VBF22f"vW'2bvW'2vVFW'7F@FR'F6Rbw&vrv&B672FVb62&V6RWG&&F'VFW"v7&W2FRw&VFW72FW'2fVGW&r斲G&v'&FvPWr7GƗ7BV6@&C FR26VG2bV6r7V66W76gV6&VW"FR&VWGGW7G'F2672v&RFRR`FR7BVffV7FfRf"f6RWr7GƗ7G2V&W'6FWfVVB626bFR76W76VB7FvvW"&rFWG&72F&RF&GV6W"7&VFR&6r7VFRFRcW"FR'VFvWBW'6FW&7F62BFWfVrW"7&gB6&fVBf"7W&7G0FWfVr&RvW&gVvP7Vb#&CFfRFvw2&&&W"6FVאfVGW&rFfRFvw066VF7G&FVvW2f"&&&W'2b7GƗ7G0#7&VFRvrVFW'6Bg&BFW6G&p33CCfVGW&r6&7FGV&"`6&PvVFW'2'6W'fRRFW&Rr66W62&WBR7V62W"V6֖2WfVVGV6FWfV666F67F6FWfV7&VF&ƗGBvVFvRFVFF2672vRv&RFRf7F'2'v6vR&RVFvVBB7&V6RW"vVFvRB'F6R`7&VFr&RvW&gVvRFBvV&RRF&V6R&Rvw&W76fR7&VFr6FfPvRF&VvfW&&V7F2bƖfRFR7FFVVG2&V7@7VCS&C RFBBRfRW"G&V'W6W72""'WBrvBV2vVW6FVVBvV'2fb@FV'B6WG2vBV2vVB6VV276&RF6''vN( 2FR6V7&WBFVWrFP76ƗfSV&rFBFFR76BVGW&6RR6RBBF66fW"FRW76VFw&VFVG2FVWW"6F&frVFw&vƞ( 2VF6VBWfVb762FRRbFP"GW7G&W2VFW7Bf6W2f"frvBRFBr^( 2W&RF'&rFBVFW66FRrFVvW"Bw&rW"FVФ&C &C V&&WB7V66W76gV&r&6W76W2rFVVBv6WGFw266vrFVF&VvG&r77FV26WBWvVVB77FV2B&W"F7VVFFfr&##32#3@FRvBFw&rW"'W6W73FRfRgVw&7vB( 66VF( 2BrB06vrW"GW7G'FRrrFRƗGFR&Bb66VFf7W2w&VBFfFVG3FRrvBB2FFWfV66VF7G&FVwBFWV7WFRCFRrbW"VVW0&R&W&ǒ&W&W6VFrW"'&BFRv&BvFR66VF&VV&vRTTB66VFBR6( Bff&BFv&RBFfRFvw2v'&VFvFR26W2b66VF6FVBFWfVVB6FVBFVƗfW'B66FW&7F6VRvR#f"FFF676W2'FfRFvw2&&&W"6FVא6vWf"454U2672FVFƖR26WFV&W"#V66724RW 7&r603