Premiere Beauty Classic Show Preview 2018 - Page 30

For Presented by SalonCentric Presented by SalonCentric featuring Dr. Tye Caldwell featuring Daniel Mason Jones ShearShare SalonCentric Education Salon Workspace: The New Normal for Owners & Stylists Sun 11:00a - 12:10p & 3:00 - 4:10p Mon 9:00 - 10:10a & 1:00 - 2:10p B142-143 Forty percent of salon space goes unused everyday. As more stylists become location-agnostic and continue opting out of traditional long-term lease contracts, how do we keep our stations at full capacity and our beauty businesses open? How do we meet the 1.2 million stylists where they are and help them access professional space to work when and where they need it? 30 SalonCentric Education Life is Suite Room C151 There is no “booth” about it! The salon suite business is here to stay! This modern category in the beauty business is proving to be the perfect fit for a rapidly growing number of beauty professionals today. Owner of Lux Lab Salon Suite/The A.R.T. Team, Jen Planck, shares her top 10 breakthroughs to her salon suite success. This is an exceptional experience for independent stylists, salon suite owners, or anyone wondering, “Is living the suite life for me?” Impact Zones  Also approved for manicurists Sun 11:00a - 12:10p & Mon 12:00 - 1:10p Room C151 This experience will broaden your perspecti Hوܝ[]Y\ܛH\Z[XH[YH[BY\[Hو[\X[\ˈ[]\Y\[H\^H\X\]\Hݙ[ܛH[ۋB\[\][X[\]Y][ ܙX]H[[YYX]HXܙXZ[]Z][ܜ][H]\[H[\ˈXYH܈H\[\XZY\\܈[HBZ\H]X][ۜRBHMLB\HX]]Hٙ\[ۘ[H[\[\H\Y\[Hۜ[]Hو]Y][ۋXZۜ˜XYHXZYY[XYHYH\ۜ[ۈX[\XYH[Z[H[[HZYقHX]]Y[[H\ݙ\\YH\KHٙ\[ۘ[X]]H[\H\HXܘ][ۂوYK\\[^\Y[\]\ZH[[H[\ܛ [[[\[YY\^\Y[K\\[H\۝[Y\Yۚ]H]Y\ݙH[\[ۈ[HX\[]\ق\ˈ\\[^\Y[H[[[SHSTQKX[H[BBB[ Ό  H L [ۈ Ό H  BXZH[ۙ^H H^\\”HM\ܘ[H[[]]K[\H[Yۚ]HH\[ۈ][[HZH۝و[\\[\˂HY[H][X]]O[\ܘ[KH[[ݙ\[\8'x'H[][H\YۈH^YHو[\\Y\X\[\]H SH[X[H\H[\Z[HZ\X]\[[[”[ N  H L [ۈ  H ΌLBHM'[HH[Y[[\'H۸&]ܙ]X]XXH\H[Hݙ\[YY]] [[[]\H]ܛ\XZHHH܈[\[Sو[ۙ^K\ܘ[B[YY^XH]\YYY][ Z[[[ۙ]^H[\ X[]ܛ\۝\\\Z[HZ\[ L  H NL   H NL[ۈ LN H H LL Ό  H LB\[YH[ې[X”[N  H LLH [ۈ L  H LNLHB]PS8$]X[[ L  H LNLH [ۈN  H LLHB[\ݙY܈\]XX[”HMLB[ٛܛHKYK^H[[\\K[\[ۜ\[ۈX[HHܙX]H[\Z[X[H[\B[[\[ۋH[X\Z][ܜ]ܙX]HY\ܛX[HXX\ˈX]H\\]^\[ۘ[XY\\\[\X[HZ[[X]]Y\]\HXYHH[\[Y[Y[B[ۋ[Y[ۈXY\[[\ܛ[Y]BH\و[[B[\ݙY܈\]XX[”[  H ΌL [ۈ N  H LBHMXYH[]]\[\[^HX][O\[\\]X\]]YY[H[™[H]Z\][[ۏX\XZHH\H[\Xۈ[\[[Z[[\H[B[\K\H[H[[X][O[H[&]8'^x'H[HY^H۸&]ۛ][x&\H[[˂\[YH[ې[X”[S]X]\[[[[[\]H][[ۈۛ[B[ L  H NL [ۈ Ό H  B[\ݙY܈X[X\\”HM LM B[H[XYHۛ]Hܛ\[[H\ۛ[H[X\[܈H\X\[X[Bٙ\][HۛXZH]X\H܈HX\[[[ۛX][O[\\[H[[]^H]Hۘ\H[\[[و[\]H\[H[\ۛ[H[[X]\X[YYXK^[[KX\ˈT[H[XZ]HHQHX[[[ZYHBHݙ[X[YYXH]YY\ܛ[\\[\[\ݙY܈\]XX[”[   H NL [ۈ L  H NLBHM LM B][8$X\H[\H[[Y[وH[ؚ[HY[HX]H]HۜY\ܝH܈\YHX[Y[ ]ۛXY8$^\ܛ[Yܘ[H\XXZ\[[[[˂]X\8$\XX\HZ[X\\XZ[Y[X\\H[]^B[[H ]XY8$\Y\[\Y\[YY X[[[[X][K][\8$X\]Y\܈ۜ\[H\[[Yٙ\[ۘ[[XY\[YH[\[ۋX\[X[YYXBˈ[H[[]^H][\H[ݙ[Y]]]YH\ۈوX[YYXH[[\]X\][˂[\[\ܝ[H\\\H\ݙY܈Y]\ˈYH][ۈ[Y܈Y][ۘ[X[H\\\ݙY