Premiere Beauty Classic Show Preview 2018 - Page 27

featuring Dr Ayyaz M. Shah, D.O featuring Cynthia Malcom Skin and Nutrition Sun 11:00a - 12:10p Treating Diverse Pigmentation Sun 1:00 - 2:10p Room B230 Join Edgar Renee and learn to treat all skin types from around the globe. Find out what makes different ethnicity’s skin structure unique. You will learn the truth about skins texture, tone and race factors. Learn to pick the correct treatment and products for skin with and without pigment. Discover the different causes of hyperpigmentation, the modalities and treatment protocol’s that can be used to help treat it, and the home care products that can help maintain the results. Acne Specialist Mon 11:00a - 12:10p Room B230 You will become trained to recognize different degrees of acne and know how to heal and treat them. You will also gain an understanding of the causes of acne and how to assist clients in the clinic by choosing and performing the correct treatment procedure and how to recommend the appropriate home care. Hormones and Skin Conditions in Women Sun 3:00 - 4:10p & Mon 9:00 - 10:10a Room B230 There are certain cutaneous conditions that result from imbalanced hormones. Dry skin, accelerated aging, hair loss, acne, hirsutism, weight gain are just examples of some of the conditions that the skin professional will encounter. At times, it is important for one to understand the underlying condition in order to offer successful satisfactory treatment to the visiting client. This class will offer the opportunity for the professional to better understand the complexities of evaluating skin health and related underlying hormonal disorder. This will enable the skin specialist to provide optimum care and best results when working concomitantly with a multidisciplinary team. Dr. Jane 360 featuring Dr. Jane Cases Presented by SalonCentric Is Your Health and Beauty Routine Making You Fat, Sick and Older? featuring Brandon Cardinal Sun 9:00 - 10:10a & Mon 1:00 - 2:10p Room B230 It is often stated that “you are what y RVN( F2&W6VFFvRv&WfWrrWG&F&PƖVBFVFBvvr62FR62gFV&VfV7FbW"7FFRbW"VFWG&FFf6F2&r&RW"fW&VFB6VFvRvF67W72'F7V"fG2fF֖0B֖W&2FBffW"&VVfG2f"6VFWFR66W6bFR672FR67V6Ɨ7Bv&R&R&W&VBB&WGFW"VFW'7FBFR&RbWG&FB7WVVG26VF&W7F&F'fVVfW'6G(J &##37&FG&s&VvrFWW'B6W'Ff6FFRVF7&R77FVfVV6W27BWfW'6V&vBgV7FbW"&FW2VF7&RF7'WF'0&R6V֖62FBFW&fW&RvFFR&G( 2VF7&R77FVBFVFǒVBF&W6GfW'FƗGW2BfVW266W"BFW"F6V6RBF6&FW'2FRFWfVVBbVƖr6N(J &GV7G26Rg&G"^( 276f"&VvVW&FfRVF6RFVFVG2vvBFgVǒFG&W70"&WfVBƖfW7GRF6V6W2F2672RvV&r&GV7G2ffV7BW"VF7&R77FVBp'&FrW"v&G( 27FV6V2R6&VvVW&FR"w&wFBFvr6FW&W2ॖRv&RG&GV6VBF666W'VB66W'V&FrVF6B"R6FRv6RbFR6V7&WG2FFRfVFbWFB6&RvF6ƖVG2BwVW7G27Vbb#3&W6VFVB'66VG&2&W6VFVB'66VG&0&#3 'fVVfW'6G(J"G2FR&VB6R2FRGW7G'( 2&V֖W&RV&Ɩ2f6ƗGbvW"V&p'FV6rFR&672br7VW72v&2rF&V6R7FW"7VW72FV66B7FǒpFvfRW"6ƖVG2WfW'FrFWvBBVVBV&g&6VBFV662vF&fV7V66W72FPWFG2FRRBW"7FfbFRfW'&W7BFRGW7G'( 23VGV6FBG&r7FGWFR2pf&R&R6W2FW2BrvFWfV&RGf6VB6FV֖2&w&'fVVfW'6GV&6RFR&"bFRGW7G'( 27V66W72FR'fVf֖ǒbFV662FfW'6R6VGFB72FRv&RBV&W'2FRFV2bFW6G26VV7vv7VcbC3W&Bf 7VcbC3W&Bf vv&fW76&GV7G26VFR6WFRƖRb6gBB&BvW2&RB7Bvr&GV7G2Bvr66W76&W2vFvv( 2vVƗGf&V2BvFR&vRbvW2vRfRvFVWBW"WfW'VVB66RG26WFfW"FV6FRv6VV72V6ǒ&6VF&V6RVFW"FR&fW767GW7G'vFG2fFfR&vr77FV7WW&"VƗGBf&WGbvW26VV7&V6v旦W2FR7FfRB6WFW2V7F2ƖfW7GRbFF( 2vVBvRvBF66FFRFV 66VGVR'ffW&rf7BVffV7FfRBV7WFG2b"&Vfࢤ4W2f&R4W2f&P6vWf"454U2672FVFƖR26WFV&W"#V66724RW W7FWFFW&ФVFv"&VVRW7FWF2VGV6Fb67VFrw&W#p