Premiere Beauty Classic Show Preview 2018 - Page 24

Nancy King Presented by SalonCentric CND WORL featuring Toni Periatt At-Risk Foot Care Sun 2:00 - 3:10p CND Art-Rageous Featuring CND “Shellac Luxe” Gel Polish Sun & Mon 12:00 - 1:10p Room B132 Discover what’s hot in nail artistry! Find inspiration. Power up your portfolio. Wow your clients! Learn how to create this year’s hottest looks from the runway and beyond. Showcasing techniques using NEW CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ a 2-step gel polish system that is ready to remove in 60 seconds with no nail damage! The CND EDGE: Simplify the most complex styles with core art techniques. Feel confident to create cool, fun art styles! Skill Booster: Retention+™ Liquid & Powder Sun 4:00 - 5:10p & Mon 3:30 - 4:40p Room B132 Discover how award-winning RETENTION+™ Liquid & Powder is transformative; proven to turn a nail bitten into a nail masterpiece! Boost your technique with hands-on training and gain the confidence you need to be your salon’s L&P Pro. Salon safety expert, Nancy King takes the confusion out of at-risk pedicures and shares facts about unhealthy conditions and elderly foot care issues within your licensing laws. Reduce risk to your clients, market services to increase business and build credibility as a nail professional. Protect yourself – from fines, from client lawsuits and from prosecution for unlicensed medical practice! Nancy explains proper cleaning and disinfecting for pedicures, the build-up in footspas and how to safely, gently and legally care for elderly clients’ feet. Get the facts about safe and legal pedicures and much more! Nail Techs Beware! Mon 2:00 - 3:10p 24 Room B244-245 Nancy tells you what you need to know, not what you want to hear! Learn facts before you buy products or take ‘certifications’ that could land you in prison for unlicensed medical practice! Medical procedures such as cutting out ingrown toenails, working on diabetics and fungal toenails, using nail lasers and working in a doctor’s office are being marketed to nail professionals even though most of these are absolutely outside the scope of practice of you license. Learn to find licensing laws, identify FDA medical device classes and how to protect yourself! • Proper P.R.E.P. techniques • Correct mix ratio • Custom zone sculpting Maisie Dunbar Beauty Consultant Group featuring Maisie Dunbar Backscratchers Salon Systems, Inc. Dare To Dream Big Sun 4:00 - 5:10p featuring Leaha Franks New Extreme Color Dip Powders Sun 12:00 - 1:10p Room B244-245 Instructed by Leaha Franks, highly trained professional in all Backscratchers products. Learn the hottest NEW trend in color powders. This ́ݥЁԁѥمѕѼͽѡ܁ݥѠ፥ѥ)̸1ɸ܁ѼA=UHMAI%9-1ȁ%@ݥѠѡɕ͔ѡ9\ɥѽ͕ȁȁ)ݑ́ѕ̸]Ѡѡ͔ѕՕ́ԁݥɸȁͥЁͥ܁Ѽɕє)ѥհɽəհ̸5ɔݥѠ ͍Ʌэ̄)Iд)%Սѕ1Ʌ̰Ʌɽͥ ͍Ʌэ́ɽՍ̸́锁́ѥ)ٽѕѡЁɅѕѡݽɱ1ɸѼɕєݱ́Ʌ́ݥѠɝ́)MɅ́ѡȸ́锁́ɽȁɔ᥉ЁѡȰݥѠѼ)ѡɅͼ9<==HեݑȁɽՍ́ѡЁ͔ɥ̸ ͕ݡ䁵ɔ)ѕ́ɔݥэѼ ͍Ʌэ́Ʌ̸)Iд)]Ёɔԁɕԁٔɕ́ѡЁɔͥԁѡЁɔ她Ѽ)ѡՕѥ́!=\ѡ]Ёɔͽѡ䁥ɕ́Ѽ)ɕ́ɕQQȰ5ͥչȰݥեԁѡɽ՝ѡхѥ)ȁɕ́ɕ丁Q́́ݥԁѥȁՔѕ́ȁɕ̸M)ݥեԁݥѠѡѽ́ԁѼх䁥ѡȁɕɕ一ԁ啅́)䁵ٕՙɔݥٔЁѼԁɅи]ɕ̸)]ݕ́9)ɥ1ɕ]ɕ(āɝ̀M]ɅMѕ)5$)Iд)Mո5$)ᡥЁ))]ݕ́9䁅́ѡɽ٥ЁɅѥ́ѥɕ͕ѥ)ѕՕ́ѥ饹ѡ]ݕ́ɽՍЁ1ɸ܁ѼѽɽՍ́ՑѕȰɽ)х]Ѡȁɕ͕ѥݽɬ1ɕ]ɕ)́ɕѽɥݽɬݥѠ 9ѡ9Aɕ̰9QIѡٕ́9e)5饹YM͡ѥѥՕ́ѼѥѼٕɕ͕ͥٔͭи(9 ́م)]ɕ10Aɽͥ́ɕѕȁɱѼɔȁ͕))危ܹͥ͡