Premiere Beauty Classic Show Preview 2018 - Page 20

Zone Wahl featuring Rick Morin Dave Diggs Barber Academy Think Like a Barber featuring Dave Diggs, Vice Cutter, Tee the Barber & George Pincham III Sun & Mon 9:00 - 10:10a Room B235 Be the master of your tool and the artist of your canvas. If you aren’t using clippers as part of your regular practice then you have fallen behind. Barbering is here to stay, regardless of your background. Learn, or refresh, the core techniques of successful precision cutting. It’s not an option anymore, it’s a necessity if you want to stay competitive. To Connect or Disconnect Sun & Mon 1:00 - 2:10p Room B235 Managing medium to long lengths on top with short lengths on the sides can be challenging. Connecting disconnected haircuts can seem like an impossible task. If you have ever wondered…“What do I do with the hair on top of the head?” or… “How do I make the top hair blend with the sides?”, then this class is for you. You will learn everything you need to know about blending the various lengths while creating movement within the hair. Learn clipper techniques to control the hair all in 5 easy steps. Become confident, remove your limitations, increase your skill set and grow your clientele. 20 ClipperGuy by Ivan Zoot featuring Ivan Zoot Understanding Undercuts & Designs Sun 9:00a - 10:10a Undercut designs and hair designs have been booming with popularity with recent years. This course provides the foundation of boosting your skills and knowledge on the executing alluring styles. You will be immersed in live demos and detailed tutorials from a highly qualified instructor. In the end, you’ll be able to create everyday, runway and street trends with a modern approach. Participate and learn how to master these trendy hair styles. Barbering for Cosmetologists Sun 1:00 - 2:10p & Mon 9:00a - 10:10a Room B233-234 Are you a cosmetologist that wants to improve your barbering skill set? Are you intimidated by clipper cutting? Do you have the professional tools needed to service male clients? Are you lost on what tools to buy? Do you have trouble executing the latest and trendy styles? If you answered yes to any of these, then join us and learn how to understand your clippers so that you can unlock your hair cutting creativity. This class will share the ins and outs of exact clipper techniques to perfect your barbering skills. See page 31 for an additional class by Dave Diggs Barber Academy Men’s Grooming Boot Camp Sun & Mon 3:00 - 4:10p Room B233-234 SOHO for Men Room B233-234 featuring Terrence Manning High and tight, tapered, faded and flat topped. Come explore the tools and techniques of the shortest and tightest of clipper cuts. Regardless if your clients are military, police or civilians, this class will return to your chair with the skills and confidence to service these high frequency and high profit h ɍЁ̸)Mȁȁѥ͕́ 䁉%مi) ɉɥݥѠM屔)Mո5$)I)Q9܁Aɥ́ ɉȰQɕ5ݥ͡ݍ͔́屔ѥͥ)͵ѽ䁅ɉɥͭ́ѡѼѡəЁéɍи%ѡ̰́ԁݥ)ɸ̰Ʌȁ̰ɽͥ́ɼЁե) AЁ!)ɥ) ݕAɕ͕ѕM ɥ)Q ѕˊéYߊ) ՍѥѡQM嵉 Ʌѵ͡)Mո5$)-͡M̨)I)Q́ݥɔѡՔե́ѡɍиQɅѽх)́ѡɕݥ͕ɕѥٔՕɥЁѼ٥展̰ͥ)ɕєՍѥٔѡȁɕɕѥMхѽ́ݥեɔ܁ѽɥɕɅ)ѡɅݽɬѼمѡȁɍѥɕͥUͬѡՔͥ䁽)ٕɝ镐ɽѼɍѥٕͥ)Mո5$)ᡥЁ)-M!<ɅѕAɽͥM履ЁḾɔѡɽݹٕЁѡq͡͡t)ͭɅ͵ݡɽՑ䁕Ʌٕ́́́͡ݥѠѡ-M!<ɬȁ-M!<͡)ɕ́ɴ͠չѥ ͕́ЁȁѠ͍ٕȁ܁-M!<́ѡ))͔MɅݽɐ̸͡(9 ́م)]ɕ10Aɽͥ́ɕѕȁɱѼɔȁ͕))危ܹͥ͡