Premiere Beauty Classic Show Preview 2018 - Page 16

HALOCOUTURE Extensions xtensions featuring Taylor Boren Add Volume to Your Business in No Time! Sun 9:00 - 10:10a & Mon 3:00 - 4:10p Room D183 Imagine gorgeous, luxurious hair extensions with absolutely no damage or hassle. Our new balayage and rooted colors give endless options to create beautiful, custom blends for all your clients. Come by our class and learn how to grow your business with HALOCOUTURE Extensions. 16 Donna Bella Hair featuring Baelee Reiter Back to Basics and Blending Sun & Mon 11:00a - 12:10p Room D183 This informative look-and-learn will equip you with good foundation and understanding to find out if hair extensions are your next-level offering! This class will introduce you to the different ways you can add length and fullness to your clients, while giving you some notable blending pointers to ensure that the hair extensions you install don’t look obvious. This class will inspire you to open your mind up to the possibilities that hair extensions can offer you and your clients! Cinderella Hair Extensions featuring Dennise Rosado A Technique for Every Client Sun 3:00 - 4:10p & Mon 9:00 - 10:10a Room D183 Does your résumé include hair extensions? This overview will instruct on the benefits of six extension methods. Learn which technique to choose for each salon guest, discover how extensions can grow your salon business by adding length, volume or chemical free hi-light, understand how combining multiple methods can increase your income and save your guest valuable time. PureO Natural Products featuring Nicole Gregorie Natural Remedies for Hair Loss and Hair Thinning Sun & Mon 1:00 - 2:10p Room D183 Learn natural remedies that can help your clients that are dealing with the struggles of hair loss. In this class you will learn how to stop DHT from reaching and destroying hair follicles and how to provide essential nutrients and repair enzymes for hair follicle recovery. This is a class you do want to miss.