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Presented by SalonCentric Light Elegance Nail Products CND featuring June Sierra featuring Toni Periatt Secrets to Success with Retention+ Liquid & Powder Sun 9:00 - 10:10a Mon 3:00 - 4:10p Room B132 Room B244-245 Discover the secrets to wowing your clients with award-winning RETENTION+ Liquid & Powder. Learn how to create dramatic, designable, durable nail enhancements for the client needing the ultimate transformation or wanting the most expressive look of the moment! Sun 1:00 - 2:10p Mon 11:00a - 12:10p Glacial Illusion Winter 2017 Empower your creativity by becoming a master of your craft. Learn the fundamental tools you need to push your creative limits to unexpected heights. June Sierra Castillo has educated for Light Elegance for 9 years. Her accomplishments include cover art for NAILS Magazine, a full clientele in her salon and the recent launch of her Palm Desert LE distriutorshop, Final Touch Nails. • See how CND brings the fashion trends to you straight from the runway • Learn the latest colors and the hottest nail styles for the season • Discover how trends will impact how nails become the ultimate fashion accessory featuring Jayne Berger Where is the Line Between Medical Practice & Nail Services? Sun 12:00 - 1:10p Room B242-243 Where is the regulatory line between nail services and unlicensed medical practice? With advanced techniques marketed to nail professionals such as cutting out ingrown toenails, working on diabetics and fungal toenails, the liability increases tremendously. You’ll learn: • Just because you can buy it does NOT mean you can use it • What about products marketed to nail professionals outside their scope of practice • How to find cosmetology rules that apply to your practice • How the FDA classifies medical devices such as lasers • What classes of devices you can use with your license no matter where performed • How to protect yourself from prosecution by the medical board for unlicensed medical practice At-Risk Clients and Elderly Foot Care Light Elegance Gel Tour: LEU Mini Course Sun 2:00 - 3:10p Mon 3:30 - 4:40p Room B244-245 The Light Elegance Gel Tour is a demonstration class that will introduce you to the world of Light Elegance UV/LED Gels. You will learn how to use them, in what combination and why. Jayne will also discuss the intricate chemistry of several Light Elegance products so you will know exactly what to do as a quality nail professional. Nancy King Sun 10:00 - 11:10a Mon 2:00 - 3:10p Light Elegance ButterCream Color Gels are made with a revolutionary new formulation that delivers extremely high pigmentation while remaining incredibly easy to work with. In this demo class, you will become familiar with ButterCream and how it behaves on the fingernail. You will learn application techniques used to perform overlays and create nail art. Get tips and tricks from the June and receive a free ButterCream color gel. Room B132 28 Light Elegance Buttercream: An Intro to the Future of Color Mon 12:00 - 1:10p Room B242-243 Make decisions based on facts not fear! Don’t get caught up in marketing and promotion for products and ‘certifications’ that can cause you to lose not only your nail license but could also land you in prison for unlicensed medical practice! Nancy will teach you facts about how to identify issues with the elderly foot before you get in over your head, how to identify unhealthy conditions in client’s feet, which products are best for cleaning and disinfecting all types of pedicure units and also what the build-up in pedicure spas is and how do you get ride of it. Get the answers to these questions and more! Jayne Berger has been an educator for Light Elegance for over 10 years. Her teaching skills were mastered while being an instructor at a beauty school in Illinois. She has a knack for teaching you how to sculpt beautiful nails and do seemingly complex art designs very easily. featuring Darcy Olin Meet the Light Elegance Zippy E-File and Z-Bits Sun 4:00 - 5:10p Mon 10:00 - 11:10a Room B244-245 The NEW Zippy eFile from Light Elegance features a beautiful Light Elegance pink and white design with a pearl finish. But don’t let the cute name and packaging fool you; underneath the beautiful exterior, this is one serious drill for techs that desire speed, accuracy and quiet performance client after client. In this demo class, Darcy will introduce you to Zippy’s features and the three LE Z-bits: Preppy, Speedy, and Smoothie. Learn how to save time on every service while expertly shaping each nail with Zippy. Darcy Olin is an expert nail technician and salon owner. She has been educating with Light Elegance for over 7 years. Darcy combines incredible technical skills with an amazing knack for creating beautiful nail art, making her a rare gem in the classroom and a valuable instructor. See page 27 for additional classes by Nancy King We recommend ALL Professionals register early to ensure your seat l