Premiere Beauty Classic Day Of Show 2018 - Page 30

Students & Students & New Professionals American Association of Cosmetology Schools* Dave Diggs Barber Academy featuring Dave Diggs featuring Carol Woodard How to Become a 100K Barber or Stylist Job Fair Résumé Prep Sun & Mon 10:00 - 11:10a Sun 12:00 - 1:10p Room D282 Get prepared for the Beauty Cast Network Job Fair with Carol Woodard. Bring your résumé and join the round table discussion to get tips about how to make your résumé shine. Most résumés are looked at for a total of 30 seconds before a subconscious impression is made about you by the hiring manager. Learn how to make yours a good impression and take the first step of launching the career of your dreams. Do you want to be a 6 figure barber or stylist? Dave Diggs teaches how to generate a 100K salary within the beauty industry by using traditional and new-era techniques. Some highlights of the class include social media marketing strategies and developing interpersonal relationships with those in your community who will ultimately help you reach success. TBR Training Winning the Game Sun 4:00 - 5:10p Body Language - It’s What They Are Not Saying That Counts Mon 2:00 - 3:10p Room D282 The mouth might lie but the body never will. Have you ever wondered to yourself: If I only knew what they are thinking? Should I keep talking retail? Am I on the right track with the service? Come join in as we discuss the unspoken form of communication, body language. This session is geared towards helping the student, salon professional and classro HYX]܈XZHHۛX[ۂ]XYY[\[\ˈXYHH[[HXYHZ[ [\][ۘ[XZ\[]]܈\\\Y[X\Y][\B[Y\[X]]S[XY^[H[X]\YۈZ H\[YX][ۂ^\ \\HZ\\ۈو\Y\YX]ܜ[X[H[\\ۈB][XY\\X[H܈H[Y\X[\X][ۈوY]H˂\]Z[XB] X ] \X][ۈ L H N BH \\H[ݙ[Y[\Y[\\[[\[\\XZ[Z[H\[Hܚ[Z[HZ\X\]YHX^BK[[[^H\][Y\H]X [YYYY[Y[\\BZ[[ܙ[\^\Y[YHHۙ^H]H ][[Y[]\[H[Hܚ˂\]Z[XBQܚYH[Z[\ʂX]\[][QܚYBH^\[\]\B[  H ΌLBH ][QܚYH\\H\H[H][HYYYX^[Z^H[\\Y\[X[H][8&\\[ۈ[[\H[H[\ܝHYX\[B[\H[\XY\وۛYH[ۙH[\^[[^\[ۘ[[Z[\X\[HY[ۋ[\Y]܈X^[][H\[ ]H؈[H\\KXZ[Z[[\\[ۈ[][[\ˈ[˂[\]\H\YBX]]H\]ܚUB\Y\\ܛBH [[\]Y\[ۜ[ۘ\HX]]H\]ܚ\Y\\ܛH[]H[\[HYYH[\Hٙ\[ۘ[˂]HۛYH[HYY\[\\Y\ۈHYBSSTPSHЂX]\[^HK[[H [X\ٝ[X[\]HH[[X[YX]Y^Y\ˈ]8&\[YHZH[\[XYHX\ٝ[X\]Y\H^][H\ݙ\[˜X [HXY[[[\ܝ[H[[[X]BHX\و[\X[K]\[H\HHXX\X[HY[ H[\X[HY[܈HY[Z[XY \\[ۈ[]H[H[Y[Z[[\\ۘ[\ [ۈ Ό H  BH \]Z[XBYHYH H܈Y][ۘ[\\]][QܚYB^ܙH؈ܝ[]Y\]H\Y]Hو[[][ۘ[X]]H[[\[\Y\˂ؙ\ N^X]