Premiere Beauty Classic Day Of Show 2018 - Page 22

Global Textu Global Texture The Edge Beauty Knowledge by Niki LLC featuring Andrea Cheese & Romeo Bryan featuring Niki Smith The Matrimony Between Cut & Color Sun 2:00 - 3:10p Room D284 Have you ever done a particular haircut and felt like the style was incomplete? Yet, even after analyzing it over and over again, you still can’t figure it out? Let me tell you - it is the color that’s missing. Unifying color to just a razor cut creates a variety of different looks. Join Andrea Cheese and The Edge Beauty team as they show you how to marry cut and color together. You will create a conversation piece. We will cover various cut and color techniques, when you should determine what cut technique to use and how color is a great ticket builder. #TakeItToTheEdge Beyond the Stylist Chair Mon 2:00 - 3:10p Room D284 You’ve been styling for years... now what? As stylists, we are visual and creative artists; images play a major role in our everyday lives and profession. For example, take a look around Premiere Beauty Classic and see the power of images. Some of us believe that we have to be a big brand in order to have great images, but that’s not the case. Every stylist’s uniqueness can be displayed through professional photos. Come join Andrea Cheese and The Edge Beauty team as they show you how to navigate your way through a successful hair shoot that will reveal your magical skills and specialties. We will share with you the importance of professional images, how to build a timeless portfolio, the steps to a successful photo shoot, how to select your models and how to form your very own glam squad. With a strong portfolio your opportunities are LIMITLESS! #TakeItToTheEdge Room D284 Watch Niki Smith perform welting – one of Europe’s hottest coloring techniques. She will demonstrate how to apply multiple colors in the hair using various wave patterns to create beautiful reverse color melting. Ethnic hair color service has become one of the most FEARED services performed in African American salons today. Learn: • The “6-MIX” system- What is it and why is it guaranteed to create perfect formula • How does coloring gray hair in different percentages change my formula • Why would I choose bleach over color • When and why is color removal necessary • What type of relaxers should and shouldn’t be used with a color service • How to determine a client’s color climate • How does diameter size affect processing time and the developer • How does pheomelanin and eumelanin play a role in coloring ethnic hair HairCology Academy featuring Chris Noble Sun 10:00 - 11:10a & Mon 3:30 - 4:40p featuring Tish Sutton Runway Wigs and Weaves Room D284 Want to try the latest celebrities weave styles but not sure how to achieve them? Break out of your weave styling rut. This incredible class will show you how to create perfect runway looks on weaves. Learn how to achieve those fantastic flowing trends and styles that are popular in today’s market. In this class you will learn how to achieve a polished look on weaves and have your clients stand out from the rest. 22 Sun & Mon 12:00 - 1:10p The Silk Blowout Tish Sutton Int. Sun 4:00 - 5:10p & Mon 10:00 - 11:10a Kolor Me Crazee Room D284 Do you have clients who suffer from dry, frizzy, damaged, or curly hair? Is your client natural and wants to go from silky straight to curly every week? Are you frustrated because you can’t seem to figure out the difference between Dominican blowouts, Keratin smoothing treatments, and how to flat iron the hair each week without damage? Clients often want whatever they see and expect you to deliver damage and chemical free results. This class will teach you how to create the fabulous blowout look without extra heat damage, pointless roller setting or several flat iron passes. You will be able to give your clients beautiful, natural hair with lots of movement. As a bonus, students will also learn how to rebuild damaged hair while providing the blowout without additional steps or using deep conditioners under the dryer. • Define what a blow out really is, demonstrate and explain the blow out process steps • Explain the difference between blow out, Dominican blow out, Brazilian blow out & silk press • Review hair types and textures • Review product knowledge • Unveil how to repair damage hair during the blowout process • Tips to create silky hair • Discuss tools needed • Retail discussion