Premiere Beauty Classic Day Of Show 2018 - Page 19

Hair Trends Classes are FREE with your show pass. Refer to Education Schedules on pages 4-9. Seating first come, first serve. Each class = 1 CE hour Cut It Out DIVERSITYMESH featuring Lillie G. Wiggins Featuring Taylor Jameson, Alethia Finley & Doe Zitscher Cut Out Domestic Abuse Sun 4:00 - 5:10p & Mon 3:30 - 4:40p Room D180 Domestic abuse has no boundaries, it does not discriminate. It’s massive, yet passive onset has captured some of the most elite. There are no age boundaries either, characteristics displayed as young as kindergarten. It is time to break the silence is to say the least. Our first mission is to educate the fashion and beauty industry on how to become front line identifiers of abuse. We all agree the cosmetologist is the unlicensed “Physiologist”. We hear all and in many cases see it all. Presented by SalonCentric #DIVERSITYMESH Sun 3:00 - 4:10p Mon 11:00a - 12:10p Room B246 What is DIVERSITYMESH? It is 3 different female hairdressers from three very different cultures getting together on the same stage to show very different techniques of cutting hair! Learn razor cutting, triple shears, hair braiding and extensions all on one stage. Plus, we pick our models straight from the audience which makes this class fun, real and EDUCATIONALLY DIVERSE. OLAPLEX* Presented by SalonCentric NEW! Discover Olaplex Today Sun 9:00a - 6:00p Mon 9:00a - 4:30p Exhibit Floor Booth 815 One ingredient changes everything. Go Blonder. Push the envelope further without compromising the integrity of hair. From the photo shoot to the salon chair, colorists are set free from the fear of damaged hair. From Base Color to Balayage, OLAPLEX multiplies bonds making hair stronger and healthier, while color lasts longer with more vibrancy. Come visit the OLAPLEX booth to learn how to repair all hair types, as using Olaplex in conjunction with all professional chemical service and treatments will ensure the best hair the client has ever had and increase the revenue of the professional stylist. *No CEs available Presented by SalonCentric Olivia Garden* Power to the Tools Sun 9:00a - 6:00p Mon 9:00a - 4:30p Exhibit Floor Booth 618 Olivia Garden built a reputation for designing high quality products using state-of-the-art technology. They have unique features, attractive designs and powerful merchandising. Their product categories are hairbrushes, shears, salon tools and apparel. Come see all of our hot new items in our Booth! *No CEs available Malibu C Pro Conquer Colour Catastrophes: Hidden Hair Horrors Exposed! featuring Teresa Brown Sun 1:00 - 2:10p Mon 3:30 - 4:40p Room C161 Room C150 Let’s face it: Colour catastrophes happen to all of us and virtually every Colorist experiences unexpected disasters. This class is designed to arm you with the tools you need to become an expert at problem solving, no matter what challenge you’re faced with! These simple solutions for common colour disasters will help you turn any 911 Colour Emergency into an opportunity to boost your revenue. The Art of Colour Correction: Become a Confident Concentr8 ® Colorist! featuring Chara Pena Mon 12:00 - 1:10p Room C150 We already know you’re a Pro. You’ve mastered the rulebook, which doesn’t mean you don’t like pushing the limits. In fact, it’s just the opposite: there’s nothing you love more than a good challenge. Sound like you? We thought so, which is why we designed this class just for you. We’ve already taught you how to prepare your colour canvas, now we’ll show you how to colour outside the lines which ironically, takes you back to the basics. Presented by BCS Distributors La-Brasiliana* featuring Ruben DaVaz Smooth, Shine, Soften the La-Brasiliana Way Sun 9:00a - 6:00p Mon 9:00a - 4:30p Exhibit Floor Booth 1001 As a professor of cosmetology and barbering and the National Education Director for La-Brasiliana and Hair Color Research Group, Ruben devises new approaches, techniques and concepts for La-Brasiliana Keratin Treatment with Collagen and “Olio di Morocco” LBK’s Smoothing Treatment. Join him and the La-Brasiliana styling team as we show you how to smooth, shine, soften, eliminate frizz and give hair instant manageability. *No CEs available 19