Premiere Beauty Classic Day Of Show 2018 - Page 18

Hair Trends Hair Trends Donald Scott NYC ARROJO featuring Donald Scott featuring Nick Arrojo #Razorartistry at It’s Best Look & Learn ARROJO Trend Inspiration Sun & Mon 9:00 - 10:10a Room D283 Multi award winning razor tools for 7 years in a row, Donald Scott NYC shares new, exciting, modern and creative razor techniques that use DSNYC’s razor tools and Prepare Liquid tool glide. We take out the myths of razor cutting. Learn how to create long layers, define and loosen curls, quick volume techniques, remove bulk, blend color demarcation, texturize and learn our exclusive point cutting techniques. We have everything that your modern salon needs. “Our Razor Tools make your job much more fabulous” SAFE-FUN RAZOR CUTTING Sun 12:00 - 1:10p & Mon 11:00a - 12:10p With the vision to make people look and feel beautiful, and to connect their inspirational hairdressing culture to fellow professionals, ARROJO is renowned for original scissor, razor, color and texture techniques born out of their own modern creative hairdressing method. Join Nick as he facilitates a lively and fun look and learn razor-cutting seminar and highlights how to create space, texture and freedom for modern creative hairstyles. KARG Inc New York Bonika Shears Five Shortcuts to Faster Haircuts featuring Robin DeMarchi & Bonnie Megowan Sun 3:00 - 4:10p Room D283 Have 5 fun techniques that will perk up your style and increase your speed. Discover new tools that will make your haircutting even faster. You will learn the radical bob and twist and cut, chipping and sharp shaving,“Swoopy” bangs The class will be moderated by champion shear sharpener, Bonnie Megowan who will share additional quick tips to keep your shears functioning at peak condition. Cutting on the Fringe featuring Rhonda Brown-Cummins & Bonnie Megowan Mon 3:00 - 4:10p Room D283 Learn fresh new ways to frame the face. Just as new style can transform a face it can also transform a life. Rhonda Brown of “Strands of Compassion” will share how you can change fringe lives through haircuts. Whether your client has curly or straight hair, angular or soft features, round or long faces this class will show you new ways to frame it. In addition you will learn secrets about your shears from shear expert, Bonnie Megowan. And how your “cutting personality” influences can dictate tool selection. Thermafuse featuring Jessica Baroni & Emily Chen featuring Mike Karg & Russell Cordeiro KARG Dry Cutting & CORDEIRO Men’s Cutting 2018: All-American Hair Sun 11:00a - 12:10p & Mon 3:00 - 4:10p REF Hair Care Artistic Texture Waves featuring Karen Stevenson Sun & Mon 11:00a - 12:10p The Language of Haircutting featuring Rachel Young & Kelly Kraemer Your paradigm is your vision. Take your formal styling to the next level by incorporating techniques that will change the way you think about upstyles. Sun & Mon 1:00 - 2:10p Sun & Mon 1:00 - 2:10p Room B246 Elevate your artistry in shaping long hair. Learn how to add movement and texture to long locks while still embracing and respecting length. 18 Room D283 Texture and beach waves are the new ‘perm’. Ref Modulator Perm allows you to be the mixologist with cutting edge technology! As a stylist, you are able to offer texture waves and colour or highlights all in the same day! Long lasting true-to-rod size beach waves with conditioning shine that leaves the hair feeling better than before. Check out this class where you’ll learn quick and easy trend techniques with natural looking results ]\ [\Y[[ݙH[H[[[\]BH \X]H H][ [[”H Y[H[XZH[ۙ^HZ[HZ\^X][X]]Y[ X\XBZ\[\][Y\Y[Z[X\\H\܈[KT˜[X[K[Y[\\X\X܈\ܙZ\[XXH\ۂ[\Y[&\][ [HX^H]H]Y[HۈHۚY\[’[[^H[ۊHٙ\HH]ZHۈHZ\][][[\^B[H[[\YX\ܚ]^\^[X\Y[X\[\[[ܙHܙX]H[\[Y]\܈Y[[Y[X[[ZX\X\HX\]Y\[ܙX]]]H[Z[ۙY[K\YYH H\[[”[ [ۈN  H LLBBHM LMBH “]HZ\XZ[N]8&\^\K[]K[[ݙ[Y[[X]BH\YۈXH[HXZH܈HY[ ܙ[][HZ\XX]HۙHX\H[Y[Y\[N]HZ\XXZ[H^B[ܙYY[ \ܚX[H\X]H\\Y[H\ Z\\HXۙ ^ܚ[HZ\XX\[[HHH\][X\]Y\X\Έ[\[^Y\[YH][X\]ˈB]][ۘ\H\X[^\XY][[\\\Y[H[\