Premiere Beauty Classic Day Of Show 2018 - Page 14

Hair Trends Hair Trends Presented by SalonCentric Redken 5th Avenue NYC Presented by SalonCentric MATRIX HIGH VOLTAGE BLONDES featuring Lori Zabel Sun 11:00a - 12:10p Room C160 Blondes are our best clients, yet they can be the hardest to please! Get the inside scoop from NAHA nominee and Redken Artist Lori Zabel on the latest techniques and perfect products to create a variety of blonde looks. Whether it be a hint of blonde on their ends, or all over platinum, you’ll learn how to confidently deliver the killer blonde tones your clients are asking for. DESIGN & BREWS Room C160 Join us for a unique experience as we share incredible design and men’s grooming techniques. Inspiration and fashion forward. You’ll unlock your creative ability while learning an innovative approach that will push your talent to a whole new level. BEYOND BRUNETTES featuring Lori Zabel Mon 3:00 - 4:10p featuring Michelle O’Connor & Cory Hoffman Sun 1:00 - 2:10p & Mon 9:00 - 10:10a Join Matrix Artistic Director and 2018 NAHA winner, Michelle O’Connor and Cory Hoffman as they share the latest trends in styling- whether you’re looking for quick tips to modernize your current styling or looking to take styling to the next level for special occasions- this class has what you need! featuring Lenny Strand & Cory Hoffman Sun 9:00 - 10:10a Mon 1:00 - 2:10p Come spend some time with us for inspiration, fashion, and innovation. ASPIRE to INSPIRE with Matrix Technical Director Lenny Strand. Len H[ZH[HۈHZ\܈\^H8$BHKH\Hܛ[[X]]Y[ۙ\]\X\8&\ܝ\8)HX\YXۙ\܈X]]Y[Y\›]XZHH[[܈X[Y[ H[]H\›وܙX][X]]Y[Z\\[YB[ې[X”[H[H0X]\[\H[\\”^܈]][[ LN H H LLB\[YB[ې[X™X]\[\^H&R\K[X[H\K[XH\\ X[HX[[B]][X\Yۂ[ۈ LN H H LLB[[Y”HLB[[\YH[H[[\ܛH\H[\\[Y[X\ق\[[]XY[HYX][[[\[[H[YZ[ MHMBH[\\[X]Y\وH^܈\[]\Y^H[HZ\\\&\˜\[[[[Z]ܙX]]]H[HY\^\Y[HHٝ[ݙ\YX]\BوH^]H[\H\Z[\[\[[[ۘ[ H^܈[B\YYX][H[[[[HZ\][[\[ˈ]HXY\[B\و\^܈\H[H\\^HوX\]Y\][H][^YܙX]H[][HH]Y Z[^\Hۙ[X\]H[\[\\H\Y][ []^Hۚ[HK[&\[۸&]و\™]\Y^HB[[\\[YN(\^H&R\HZ\Z\^[([X[H\HX[Z\B([XH\\Z\W[XB(X[HX[[H\[ٚZ\HMHMZY[]\]HHܚ[[X]HBX[Hو[]\H\][^HYB[]Y[[H^H]܋K[ۈ[ ۙY[Hݙ\Xܛܘ^H[[ܙX]Hܙ[\Y\و[]H][ZH[\Y[^[ۙ\ۈB[ L  H NL   H NL[ۈ L  H NL Ό H  BHMX]^܂X]\[^Y[[]Y\[ Ό  H L[ۈ LN H H LLBX]^[[”HMB]][X]HXYH^H\YX\\H]\]\]\[ ۙ\[X[XXو\ˈZ\\\[[X\HZ\[HوܙX]]]H\Yۂ܈Z\Y[]\H[HZ[Z]^x&\Y\[K]\[ۙH\›[\[ۈ8'[H[Y]'H]ܝ YY[ZXܛ[H܂HY\[XZHH][Y[[HX[YYXH\Y][\Yۙ\Z[[H܈Hٝ\Y\]Xˈ\HY[[[Y[ق[\\HۙZYۚ[[\[ۈوZ\[)H؋]H؈\Z[ۈHYHY\[[Y]H^H\[]H\[Z[[[\܈HX]8)H[\Y\^Y\[˜۝[Y\XZHHۙ][Y[ ]\HܙX]Y[Z\[ݙB[[\X[ۜ[H[ܙHYYY\HH۝[YY\\[Y[B\HZ[\Y]X\[^ܜ]]^HHH8'\HB[۸'Hˈ[XXHYH]\[^\H܈XܙX]HH]\[^\HYX\]YK[X [ \ٙ[\\[\\[\[\ۜX]\H[YHۈ\[[H]\Y