Premiere Beauty Classic Day Of Show 2018 - Page 12

MAIN Nick Arrojo TRENDS & TECHNIQUES OF TOMORROW ARROJO’s main stage show offers a portal to the trends and techniques of tomorrow. With Nick Arrojo and his artistic team highlighting latest looks, coolest colors and cuts from New York’s vanguard, expect a trailblazing, inspirational show from America’s leading independent hairdressing brand. With thirty-plus years as a hairdresser and seven years as hairdressing host for TLC’s ‘What Not to Wear, Nick has become a modern icon of the industry. His signature razor-cutting technique is recognized and practiced worldwide. It is part of a modern and creative, precision-based hairdressing method pioneered by Nick, and designed to create fashion-forward, beautiful, wearable hair for clients, while offering creative freedom and versatility to stylists. Sun 4:40 - 5:30p 12 Stay Sharp Nation Education Team THE FUNGUS AMONG US! SAFETY & SANITATION COURSE (2 CE hours) Join us for a fun, informative class about industry-specific sanitation! We will be teaching how to identify skin/scalp conditions, how to talk to guests about skin/scalp conditions gently, how to keep your salon/spa safe and more. These topics relate directly to salon/spa success. Guests can be attracted or deterred from a salon based on it’s cleanliness. We will be explaining how sanitation is often responsible for business prosperity. Melanie Guzzo has been active in the salon industry for over 15 years. Melanie leads a salon (Virtue Salon) and education team (Stay Sharp Nation) in Columbus. Her vision is to empower professionals to be educators and provide elevated education for professionals in the Midwest. Sun 9:30 - 11:30a Mon 9:30 - 11:30a