Premiere Beauty Classic Day Of Show 2018 - Page 11

STAGE Each presentation = 1 CE hour Location: Exhibit Hall Presented by SalonCentric Rafe Hardy Josh Perez Dawn Atkinson OPPOSING FORCES Your hair can reveal a great deal about you. A haircut can express the hard and soft side of your personality. Come join Sexy Hair on the Premiere Beauty Classic Main Stage to learn how haircuts can be styled to make you go from edgy one day to demure the next. Learn creative and unique styling techniques that will leave you feeling motivated and inspired at the salon. Expand your barbering business by learning several new techniques that will give your clients the perfect personalized cut. A former salon owner with over 25 years experience in the professional beauty industry, Hardy oversees Sexy Hair’s creative team, creating and teaching stylists the company’s twice- yearly haircut collections and developing new show formats. In collaboration with Sexy Hair Director of Education Stephanie Polansky, Hardy is also responsible for the curriculum at the The Sexy Hair Santa Monica Academy. A perfectionist to the core, Josh Perez has been recognized as both Master Artist of the Year and International Master Artist of the Year. Even after 12 years in the industry, he continues to evolve as an artist, believing you should never turn down a new opportunity. This commitment to advancement earned him the Personal Growth Award from Sexy Hair. Lala Chihaia @lalasupdos I DO: BRIDAL AND BRAIDED STYLING Explore the romantic, lucrative world of weddings. Say “I Do” to Lala’s innovative bridal techniques and feel confident in your updo abil FW2v'7B2FR'F7B&VB( 2WF2'&B2'&F7GƗ7BBVGV6F"&6VB67&VF4vG&fV2&VBFRv&B6&rW"76f"W7GƖrvFfVr'F7G2F&VvW"VGV6F&w&B"6pW&f&6W22vW"b( 2WF2'&F7GVF67&VFBvFfW""V'2bWW&V6R2G&VBWW&RBVFV@7FFW2V&Ɨ6VBFR&W7FvW2vW2g&FR&VWGGW7G'7V62FW&6W&66&VBFR6"&VWGV6BWrG&VG2"BvW"b#RR6@v&B( 2WF6FVv'g&&VBFR6"2&VBV&W"bFR66&b'F7F2FV0&Fǒ&V6RVFW"FR'&FGW7G'F&VvW"&vPf&WGb7GW2BW"VGV6FGWF&2आ&Bv&rBFVF6FVBF62&VBFfR@FR'GVGF6v66RW"FVG26WfW&v&fP76vVG26VFrv&r&67FvRBWr&f6vVV'Vv6rFR&WfWF6'VRFR6V’B6W B6vF6G2W"v&26&VVfVGW&VBFW&6B&VWGV6BvR7V3CC3C#3UrDDR7V#C33#C336VFVBBFFF67BvFW"6r70