Premiere Beauty Classic Day Of Show 2017 - Page 35

Especially for Students WINN CLAYBAUGH How Badly Do You Want This? Mon 11:00a - 12:10p Room C170-171 No CEs available Student attendance is encouraged in every class at Premiere Beauty Classic. This class is just for you! Navigating your way through beauty school can be overwhelming: How will I launch my dream career? What do I need to focus on NOW, while I’m still in school? Did I make the right choice? In this lively and humorous seminar, Paul Mitchell Schools’ Dean and Cofounder Winn Claybaugh shares specifi c ideas and concrete steps on: Sunday, Octob W"WFF'2VBХFR'G7F'G2BЮ( "FrgVGfFvRbW VGV6F6&VW"'GVFW0( "vWGFrF6VBvFFP&VWGGW7G'6VRvBFff&FW2vFP( "6V7FrvFFR7BfW0B7BfVVFVPFR&VWGGW7G'frW2$5D4DC&7B6V'W2C3#Rwwr$5D4D6cBӃB#DR$$$U%04%0e$T@&F33C &WGGF( 2G2g&VRW'6R6PvrW"6ƖVG2FfRFRg&VVFFfPFV"G2vVvWGFr"6W'f6W2FRFЧ7FF2f'&2v( BVB7&6"VV&V6W6RN( 0v6W"BG'W"6fRFR6R2WfV&V66V֖6B6"&bF7BvW"3