Preach Magazine Issue 1 - Creativity and innovation in preaching - Page 56

56 LWPT GRANTS LWPT Vocational Training Grants One of the ways LWPT supports preachers is through grants to those looking to explore or develop their calling. We support people on gap years, on academic programmes and on short-term preachertraining opportunities. Applicants must demonstrate an aptitude and passion for preaching and financial need, and we will seek references from a member of your church leadership team. If you would like to find out more, please visit train/grants, or contact the LWPT office. Case Study: Will and Pip Campbell Clause W e took part in a course in North Carolina called ‘Watershed Discipleship and Sabbath Economics’ – it focused on equipping participants to act and speak on the subjects of justice and creation care. We wanted to take part because we are starting an initiative here in the UK (CACTUS) to help church communities engage in the mission of creation care, particularly by supporting sustainable food systems. We thought the course would help provide the tools for preaching and teaching in our mission. The course was tremendously rich on several levels: Firstly, being able to ‘network’ with others who have similar vocations and have greater experience in this area was extremely helpful – we have formed lots of new friendships with the people there and there is a lot of scope for being able to work alongside one another in the future, on both sides of the pond! Secondly, the course provided plenty of new material and biblical insight which will be of huge value in providing sound, and engaging teaching in churches. Last but not least it was wonderfully inspiring to visit the beautiful forests and mountains of North Carolina, and to witness first-hand the amazing work being done by various communities to protect and conserve God’s handiwork there. We are hugely grateful for the funds from