Preach Magazine Issue 1 - Creativity and innovation in preaching - Page 37

COLUMN COLUMNIST 37 KATE BOTTLEY The Reluctant Preacher It’s Saturday night. Other people, normal people, are out at the pictures, or in, eating wontons and crispy duck and watching TV, moaning about how there’s never anything on. I might be doing any of these things but my mind is somewhere else. S aturday night inevitably forces a decision: ‘Go and do it now or get up early tomorrow?’ Every week I start with the best of intentions, to work on it and read all week and then to write it early and edit it. I never do. I could tell you it’s because I have three churches and a job in a Further Education college; I could tell you it’s because I’m busy – and I am, who isn’t? But really it’s because preaching terrifies me. Sweaty palms, dry mouth, butterflies in the tummy sort of fear. I’m an extreme extrovert, I relish being ‘up front’. I’m from an evangelical background, weaned on a diet of 30 minutes biblical exegesis. I have two degrees in theology: I know my stuff. I am articulate,