Preach Magazine Issue 1 - Creativity and innovation in preaching - Page 28

28 FEATURE Pastor Michael Ekwulugo’s Transformation Life Centre has undergone a lot of change since the church moved into new premises on the High Street and began to attract a different audience. ‘To help me prepare I also listen to a lot of stand-up. There’s a lot to be learned because these guys really hold people’s attention and their message is so relevant and as they’re talking we’re laughing – they have this knack and this gift of bringing to life things we experience every day… ‘We started to get people from all sectors of the community. There’s quite a large concentration of Eastern Europeans: Polish, Romanian people. There’s also a bit of a drug problem locally – and because we have a lot of outreach and we run a food bank, a lot of the people that we work with will just wander in. We know them by name so they’ll sit down and really interact, not exactly heckle but they’ll sit down and let’s just say all inhibitions are gone. ‘I honour the Holy Spirit when I speak, so whatever it is I feel the Holy Spirit places on my heart that day, it’s imperative to me that I convey that, that I’m faithful to that. ‘One of the main changes we made is the timing of everything. In black majority churches it’s OK to turn up in the morning and leave whenever… so that was one of t H;