Preach Magazine Issue 1 - Creativity and innovation in preaching - Page 23

SERIAL 23 THE TRUTH IS, WHILE YOUR WORDS CONVEYED GRACE AND COMPASSION, YOUR BODY WAS SHOUTING JUDGEMENT. YOU LOOKED ANGRY, AND YOUR CONGREGATION NOW FEELS JUMPY AROUND YOU. HANDS IN POCKETS – dejection There are other pitfalls to having your hands in your pockets. I once saw someone preach (I didn’t hear what they said, I was too distracted – who gesticulated wildly, hands in pockets, giving the impression that wild ferrets were trying to escape from his clothing. HAND ON HEART – wanting to be believed, whether truthful or not (earnest/impassioned/impelling) You can put your hand on our heart. Everyone will quite understand that you want to be believed. HANDS ON HIPS – you are ready and in control. Can be a sign of aggression (collected/ preparedness/empowered) General consensus seems to be that this isn’t an awful way to stand, but it says ‘fishwife’ to me. Perhaps it depends on how wide your hips are. I don’t think I could get away with it. LWPT8173 - Preach Magazine - Issue 1 v3.indd 23 HUNCHED SHOULDERS – misery, insecurity I’m sure we’ve all had times of feeling miserable and having to preach anyway. I am not against a degree of vulnerability from the front, but if you don’t acknowledge it verbally it is very distracting. Sometimes when we don’t feel confident and happy, we just need to push through, and make our bodies submit to us. Shoulders back, head held high, stiff upper lip… LIP BITING – tension or stress, possibly due to high concentration but does imply anxiety Try putting on some nasty tasting lip gloss right before you speak. OPEN PALM – sincerity, openness, innocence Lots of the open palm, people. PLAYING WITH HAIR – lack of confidence, anxiety If you have long hair, it is a good idea to have it in a style that keeps it out of your way while you are up front. RUBBING NOSE – lying or doubt You really don’t want to rub your nose while you preach. Aside from the fact you might look like you are telling porkies, you want to steer clear of any impression you are having an inopportune pick. RUBBING HANDS – anticipation, glee This is fine, so long as you don’t do it at the wrong moment – say while preaching on Lamentations or the first half of Jeremiah. SHIFTING WEIGHT FROM FOOT TO FOOT – shows mental and/or physical discomfort While this might be communicating exactly what you are feeling, it is uncomfortable for your listeners. WIPING SWEATY HANDS ON CLOTHING – betrays nervousness, which in turn makes your listeners nervous Even truly seasoned preachers still experience some nerves. The key is to disguise them as best you can so you don’t undermine the power of your words. 17/10/2014 12:53:49