PR for People Monthly September 2017 - Page 7

From Seattle

Annie Searle clearly summarizes the world’s political stage and shows us why The Stakes Have Never Been Higher.

Patricia Vaccarino

offers her acorn theory—that who we are destined to become is imprinted on our souls from the first moment of our lives.

Eight Traits of

Fake Twitter Followers.

If you go immediately to @realdonaldtrump on Twitter and click on his followers, begin scrolling you will see page after page of Fake Twitter Accounts. This article will help you to identify fake twitter followers.

From Silicon Valley

Business Owner and Recruiter Dave Arnold talks about his destiny.

From Texas

Anna Faktorovich, Ph.D. takes us on a rich cultural exploration of the heritage of North Carolina, where she interviews cultural anthropologist Barbara Garrity-Blake and Karen Willis Amspacher, who is the director of the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Center.

From Parts Unknown

Chef Mary Beth Johnson, CEPC, CCC works as a private chef for clients whose identities are often not revealed, so we don’t know where Chef MB is today. Here are her recommendations for some of the finest Designer Water in the world.

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Barbara Lloyd McMichael (on Books), Dean Landsman (on Digital Strategy), Bill Lulow (on Photography) and Chef Mary Beth Lawton Johnson (on Food).