PR for People Monthly September 2017 - Page 5

Dear Friends and Colleagues: How do you know you are living out your destiny—that you are becoming who you were meant to be? Let’s face it, to do anything great, one has to struggle. I embrace struggle the same way I embrace an old friend whom I have not seen for years. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. That’s me! And yet when I struggled aimlessly, there were always small signs that the road I had taken was indeed the wrong path. Every struggle left me depleted and exhausted, but most important of all, I did not advance. Not a whit.

When I was pursuing my rightful destiny, there was still struggle, sometimes horrific struggle, the I-don’t-want-to-talk-about-it struggle that left me devastated and drained, only in these instances there was a difference. There was a sense that I had learned a lesson that I did not have to repeat again. I had advanced one small notch.

So maybe the secret of fulfilling one’s destiny is about learning lessons. When you are not fulfilling your destiny—you simply keep going round the same circle, making the same mistakes, over and over. You know you are actualizing your own destiny when each mistake is indeed a new mistake and turns into a learning moment that allows you to take the hill.

Take time this September to celebrate your destiny!

–Patricia Vaccarino