PR for People Monthly September 2017 - Page 3


Letter from the Editor

September – in – Brief

From New York City

May the Force Be With You by Roger E. Barton

Annie Searle – Risk Update

The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

Mayor Nicola Smith – Destiny in Action

by Patricia Vaccarino

Nicola Smith – Portrait of a Mayor

From Colorado

Therapy: Forget The Couch Think Horses

by Edith Lynn Beer

From Nebraska

Virginia’s Café:

Destiny on Route 66 by Kindra Foster

From New York City

Where’s Wali? by Patricia Vaccarino

Destiny Round-Up | Dave Arnold

DIGITAL DESTINY by Dean Landsman

From Texas

Interview with Barbara Garrity-Blake and Karen Willis Amspacher by Anna Faktorovich, PhD

Designer Destiny | Monir Zandghoreishi

From San Francisco

Destiny | Livin' Small by Linda Jay

Designer Water

by Chef Mary Beth Johnson, CEPC, CCC

PR for People® Book Reviews: AlyBlue Media

by Barbara Lloyd McMichael

Image Sharpness With Digital Lenses

by William Lulow