PR for People Monthly September 2017 - Page 23

I am a self-employed executive recruiter. I definitely believe this was my destiny! I actually told my first boss in the recruiting business that this is what I would become. My story precedes that conversation though. I began my career in accounting, but had no passion for that sort of work. When I jumped to recruiting, I was very nervous about telling my parents - somehow I thought my engineer father would disapprove of such a profession. Wrong I was. He laughed and told me match making was in my genes as my mother and father had played matchmaker with many of their friends growing up, so yes, destiny found me!

After working in a large recruitment firm I set my sights smaller and worked for a boutique firm. For better or worse we grew that boutique firm from one office to 9 and headcount from 6 to 200. At that point I felt I had lost my way again and sought out on my own. I was 35 and told the world that I was a CFO recruiter! How naive I was. After a lot of hard work and getting great advice from many mentors and business leaders, I have build up a very successful practice of placing CFO's into technology companies. Some good luck along the way, but it was proceeded by building relationships that mattered. Now I mentor lots of people, including up and coming CFO's and recruiters alike. It has been a great journey so far and looking forward to the next 20 years of success.

Dave Arnold, President

Arnold Partners, LLC

Los Gatos, CA

Destiny Round-Up | Dave Arnold