PR for People Monthly September 2017 - Page 22

On Monday morning, August 28th, America’s Most Loved Comedian, Wali Collins, was on the Today Show teaching Jenna Bush how to do comedy.

We asked Wali: How do you teach people to be funny?

“It's the same thing as an art teacher,” he said. “You can't teach people to become great artist. You show them the tools needed to make a beautiful painting. And then it's up to the individual how they use those tools. The talent is in the choices that they decide that will affect to viewer. Same with comedy. The talent is in the tools the comedian chooses that will make the audience laugh.”

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As a stand up comedian, Wali has racked up countless television credits on ABC’s The View, Comedy Central’s Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, HBO, and VH1’s commentary shows. Television icon David Letterman sought Wali to be the warm-up comedian for his late-night show. Wali performs at all of the top comedy clubs in Los Angeles and New York City, and regularly travels to Europe and Asia as the headlining comedian.

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Where’s Wali?

by Patricia Vaccarino