PR for People Monthly September 2017 - Page 20

From the time your car pulls into the lot at 3820 Cornhusker Highway, a remembered “grandma’s house” aroma begins to permeate your soul. An ambiance of decades gone by and a down-home menu are exactly what you need to get back to the basics of life, whether you’re coming for a weekly friends’ powwow or stopping by on a Route 66 odyssey. It’s your destiny to land at Virginia’s Traveler’s Café in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Many travelers find Virginia’s as they cruise nearby Route 66 looking for car shows and classic diners just like this. Some travel many miles just to visit.

Those who have been here before know Virginia’s stands out as a perfect example of back-in-the-day food and service to perfection. Virginia’s guests enjoy soothing classic-diner white surfaces, chrome accents, comfortable booths, friendly servers and simple decor. Large portions, plenty of all-day breakfast entrees, home-cooked meals, sandwiches and desserts fill the menu.

Over in one corner of Virginia’s Café, a couple of old men seem to revert to a childlike state as they converse over coffee and pie. Lovers hunch over a table clasping fingers, telling secrets. On Sunday morning, a young sleep-logged family reads the newspaper while waiting for fried eggs and bacon.

From Nebraska

Virginia’s Café: Destiny on Route 66

by Kindra Foster