PR for People Monthly September 2017 - Page 17

The vision for a city center in Lynnwood began ten years ago. Although it had tremendous support, it sat on the shelf until Mayor Nicola Smith took leadership. Mayor Nicola Smith has positioned the city to invest wisely in its future. Development of the Lynnwood City Center is conveniently and strategically located right next to the Light Rail terminus. By leveraging partnerships with public and non-profit partners such as Sound Transit and the Senior Housing Assistance Group SHAG, and proactive partnerships with private investors and developers, the Lynnwood City Center is becoming a vibrant commercial center and an appealing place to live, work and play.

There are a wide range of projects completed or underway intended to significantly upgrade the city's transportation network, add new public spaces and parks, build housing, improve cultural attractions, create a pedestrian-friendly environment, and enhance livability in Lynnwood's City Center. The City Center Apartments are an affordable, transit-oriented multi-family housing development. With seven stories and underground parking, and amenities including a swimming pool and interior courtyard, this residence is opening in 2017. Also opening in the summer 2017 are the City Center Senior Living Apartments that include 308 units of senior housing. Amenities include a rooftop area for residents and a public plaza. Construction has begun for the Hilton Garden Inn hotel, located on Alderwood Mall Boulevard, that will include 150 guest rooms and meeting space for conferences. The city of Lynnwood was awarded an FTA Grant, which is a technical assistance grant. In a study conducted by the Northwest Urban Land Institute (ULI), The City of Lynnwood – Downtown Redevelopment was only one of three reported as an “ideal model” for city center design.

Growth in the city of Lynnwood will accelerate with the arrival of the Light Rail. Based on the projections of Sound Transit, the Lynnwood terminus is expected to open in 2023. Lynnwood residents will have a way to get to Seattle or Everett or to the University of Washington in a timely manner: 24 minutes to downtown Seattle, 30 minutes to SeaTac Airport and 12 minutes to University of Washington. The Light Rail is going to be an enhancement for the people who want to have access to a city density.

By working with Community Transit, a transportation network is being built for the communities where people live and work so they can get connected to Rapid Transit. The addition of bike lanes and walking lanes will create a healthier environment. In the long run, people who live and work in Lynnwood will save time and money, and future generations will have a way to quickly get around the region to take care of work and school in their day-to-day lives. Under Mayor Nicola Smith’s visionary leadership, complex partnerships and resources came together. The groundwork for the Lynnwood Light Rail and the Lynnwood City Center is now a reality!

The Future of Lynnwood has Arrived!

Global Leadership Youth volunteers cleaning up Daleway Park